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Personalized Sunglasses and Shades: A Bright Spot in Your Next Promotion!

There's nothing like a little mystery. Any time someone new walks into town, eyes hidden by a pair of dark shades, we here at Quality Logo Products are like, "Oh, who is that dashing stranger who's demonstrating remarkably good judgment by protecting his or her eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays?" Yes, mystery is totally sexy--except when it comes to letting potential customers know your company's name. So leave the sly subterfuge to your clients and let them hide their identities while they put yours on display with customized sunglasses from Quality Logo Products.

Just about anybody can wear sunglasses. Their broad appeal is one of the reasons they make such great giveaway items. And unlike t-shirts or jackets, sunglasses can be worn throughout the year, from summer to winter, whenever the sun is shining. That means that customers can be looking at your company's name up to 365 days a year, even indoors, because, hey, some people just like wearing sunglasses, or they forget to take them off when they step inside. People really can be a mystery.

What's easy to see is the wide array of styles we offer to meet your promotional needs. If your customers are athletes or sports fans, take a look at any of our wrap-around sunglasses. These sporty shades use narrow-shaped frames designed to protect the eyes without being too bulky. They're excellent promo items to hand out at athletic events, to the players as well as the fans.

If your customers are the fun and bubbly types, why not check out items like our Malibu or retro sunglasses? These throwback styles bring to mind days spent partying on tropical beaches and walking along the shore at sunset with a charming new friend (whose eyes are also protected behind sunglasses, of course!). They make delightful souvenirs for parties, travel events, and even school celebrations.

Perhaps your targeted customers are stylish and sophisticated. They might enjoy our pilot or aviator glasses, which provide the eyes with a larger area of protection in a high-class metal frame. Aviator glasses stand out from our other styles because, instead of showing off your company's name along the temples, they feature your company's logo either on an included case or in a corner on one of the lenses. It's a subtle and, dare we say, sexy approach that still makes your company's brand clear.

And if you like the idea of having your logo printed on the lenses, try out our LensTek sunglasses. These shades use allow the wearer to see perfectly fine through the lenses, even though anyone approaching will see nothing on the lenses except a logo imprinted on them. There's no mystery to how they work, just a lot of excitement for such a fun promotional item!

Your customers might want to hide from the world and shield their eyes from the sun. With promotional sunglasses from Quality Logo Products, they can do that and still let everyone see your company's name.

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