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Okay. So you like your morning cup o’ joe, and surely your clients do, too. But really, how many coffee cups does one person need? Soon, everyone’s cupboards are filled up with mug after mug. They have the white one with the cute company logo, and it’s likely the blue one with big white block letters of the business name is hidden in the back of the cupboard.

Sure, the basic white mug is a classic in the promotional industry…always will be. It’s an industry standard. You know, it’s what the classic black dress is to the fashion world: a staple. A simple garment that has withstood the test of time each year, adding a slightly different twist on the trusted standby.

But before your clients’ routine gifts find a place collecting dust in the closet, it may be time to take a new approach in finding the perfect promotional items.

Rule #1: Yes, promotional gifts are necessary and effective.

Rule #2: No, don’t do the norm and ordinary when choosing an effective way to make a lasting impression for your company.

In an industry that coughs up more than $18 billion dollars in business, successful companies are groomed to understand the importance of how promotional products can enhance the growth of their business. But what is key in understanding the biz is to identify what products will be most effective for your company. From t-shirts to pens to calendars, the promotional industry offers thousands of unique products to choose from. So, in order to stand out from a sea of pens and cups, try being a little bit more daring by choosing items known for their individuality and functionality.

Remember, it’s just as important to include a place for promotional products in your annual budget, just as you do to pay your accountant and sales staff. After all, everyone loves freebies, so why not make your gift count.

By following a few simple steps, the next time your in the market to order your promotional items, you’ll be able to find fresh and innovative ideas to keep your company name out there for the long haul.

#1 Match Your Product To Your Business Goals
Ask yourself, ‘What are you trying to accomplish by handing out these gifts?’ For example, if you are looking for something to create an idea of relaxation in the office, go for something practical and unique by handing out Stress Balls to all employees. Items for the office always make great choices and they especially have extended shelf-lives. According to Tamara Trim, who has spent many years in sales and marketing for the hotel industry, Stress Balls serve as a fun and lasting impression for her clients.

“The stress balls are a great choice because they stay on the desk, which keeps the company logo out there. Basically, they are an inexpensive way to keep our company top of mind.”

#2 Keep The Company Logo And Colors In Mind
Think of yourself as the cheerleader of the company…sis…boom…bah! Tie in your gifts with the company colors or logo. By adding this small attention to detail, your promotional gift will soon turn into a keepsake that everyone will want to display. Especially if the business has a unique color in their logo, something that you wouldn’t typically find on a standard color wheel. Simply get a piece of the company letterhead to take with you when ordering the items to ensure a great match.

#3 Be Conscious Of The Budget
There are so many items to choose from in the world of promotional products, it’s easy to satisfy any budget. Figure out how much you can spend per item, and how many pieces you need. Do the math, then narrow down your choices as to what will fit into your budget.

#4 Be Creative
Go beyond the ordinary. If you want mugs, go for ones with special effects like the disappearing ink trick, where your company logo magically appears whenever a hot beverage is poured into it. If you’re a pen person, think of ones that double as a carabiner, or lights up, or has a calendar. Consider mouse pads that do double duty as a calendar…you get the idea.

#5 Consider Useful Items
Again, you might be adding some pizzazz in the piece by finding the new-fangled cup or the latest and greatest, trendiest pen, but these items are still practical and will get used on a daily basis. The whole idea is to find pieces that will be around for a long time…leaving a lasting impression of the specific company.

When putting your gift list together, keep in mind that no matter what dollar amount you do spend, the value of the imprinted products far exceeds the initial cost. You’ll find that many people will keep their gifts for more than a year, or even two or three, all the while thinking about your company on a daily basis.

Now, you can’t put a dollar amount on that!

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