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Welcome All Comic Book Fans to Your Shop with Free Comic Book Day Giveaways from QLP!

Free Comic Book Day is more than just a day for kids to get a new book of funny cartoons to read. It's a day when people can see how some of the biggest movies and television shows of recent years all got started!

Actually, while both of the notions above are true, Free Comic Book Day came about as a way to get people who perhaps had never before read comics interested in the adventures of superheroes, villains, and all the other types of characters that now populate the pages of comic books. On the first Saturday in May, people are invited to visit their local comic book shops and in some cases bookstores to receive free comics created to introduce them to this joyful medium. As if getting books for free didn't provide enough motivation, Quality Logo Products can provide your business or organization with items that are sure to get people reading.

For comic book stores, Free Comic Book Day is pretty much the year's biggest party, and Quality Logo Products has supplies to make that party a success. Of course, if you're a comic book retailer, you probably expect people to leave carrying books. We have plastic bags and tote bags that your customers will want to fill with all sorts of merchandise from your store. We also have items like t-shirts and silicone bands that can mark customers as Free Comic Book Day participants and welcome them to the club.

Comic books used to be seen as evil, corrupting influences on the minds of children. Fortunately for the arts, comic books today are widely acknowledged as a legitimate form of expression, one that schools and libraries celebrate. If you're involved with one of these types of organizations, or perhaps a community literacy group, you can encourage participation in Free Comic Book Day by handing out bookmarks and buttons to people you see enjoying a graphic novel that Saturday. The smallest gifts can have a big impact!

Comic book retailers, publishers, and supporters don't have to wait until that Saturday in May to promote Free Comic Book day to promote it. In fact, promotion often goes better well in advance, especially when you can reach a large crowd of people. Comic conventions can be found across the country throughout the year. We have products like magnets and lanyards that are easy to distribute at conventions and that will encourage readers to spend Free Comic Book Day with you and your books.

Like any books, comics are windows into world readers never might have imagined. With QLP's selection of promotional products, readers will know where to go to open those windows for free.

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