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Ease Patients' Minds with Custom Items for Hospital and Healthcare Week from QLP!

As much as many of us trust the doctors and physicians who tend to us, for some, visiting the doctor can be a nerve-racking experience. In fact, public unease about medical facilities was once so great that in the 1920s, officials in the United States decided to set aside a week specifically to educate the public about hospitals and encourage outreach. Today, the second full week of May continues to be celebrated as National Hospital and Healthcare Week, a time when Quality Logo Products can help you reach out to patients everywhere.

If you work for or run a hospital or healthcare facility, and you've been wondering what time of the year would be a good time to start a new marketing campaign, you could do worse than to consider the second week of May. Quality Logo Products has a number of items that are easy to distribute throughout the nearby community to encourage them to visit your institution for their medical needs. Pens, magnets, and even customized pillboxes all can direct patients to your waiting room. You can also give the healthcare professionals on staff promotional items to spread the word about Hospital and Healthcare Week as well as to thank them for their work. Choose from practical items that they can use every day, like lanyards, badge holders, clipboards, and new customized scrubs.

More and more, local governments are playing a role in the world of medicine, too, whether through coordinating ambulances and other emergency services or setting up regularly scheduled health fairs and public welfare clinics. Let residents of your town know about the healthcare resources available to them by distributing promotional products during Hospital and Healthcare Week. First aid kits and hand sanitizers can help keep them healthy, before they even need to call on any of these services, while medicine-themed stress toys, like doctor stress toys, nurse stress toys, and pill stress toys, can cast healthcare in a fun light.

While Hospital and Healthcare Week is a great time for healthcare facilities to let patients know about the care already available to them, it's also a great time to motivate the next generation of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical staff. Get students thinking about careers in healthcare by promoting your facility during Hospital and Healthcare Week. We have items to make their studies easier, including pens and sticky notes for note taking, totes to carry books, and tumblers and water bottles to hold all the beverages they'll inevitably end up consuming during their late-night cram sessions.

Promotional products from Quality Logo Products are part of a sure prescription for a successful Hospital and Healthcare Week. Call us today!

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