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Celebrate Community at the End of the Year with Custom Items for Kwanzaa

I could say the same thing about Hanukkah: just because a holiday occurs at the end of the year does not make it Christmas Jr. Kwanzaa, which is celebrated from December 26 through January 1, actually has more in common with Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States than it does with Christmas (though, established as it was in 1966, it's a newer tradition than either). Started as an opportunity to build community after the Watts riots, Kwanzaa combines aspects of several African harvest festivals into a new celebration that uses seven candles to represent important values. Kwanzaa involves fire, food, and togetherness, all of which we here at QLP enjoy, which makes us happy to help your business promote Kwanzaa in your community.

Among all of the places where people often go to enjoy a sense of unity are restaurants. Restaurants can celebrate Kwanzaa with guests by doing even more than providing excellent food for families to bond over and share. Even though they're not the types of candles commonly used in Kwanzaa celebrations, the candles that we offer at QLP can add to a warm, comforting ambience in the home and can be imprinted with your business's logo to boot. If, however, you'd simply like to encourage your customers' own celebrations once they leave your establishment, send them home with customized lighters that they can use to light their own candles. Any small business can make use of giveaways like these that are good the whole year round.

As partial as we at QLP are, though, to food and the establishments that provide it, we understand that plenty of other places provide the sense of kinship that Kwanzaa reflects well. Come the end of December, churches and community organizations can make their presences known by distributing calendars, or selling fundraisers. What better way to mark the start of a new year and new opportunities at Kwanzaa's end than with an item that helps people keep track of the year?

One of the first places that people learn about community outside the home is at school. Schools can play a role not only in helping students learn more about Kwanzaa and the other winter holidays but also in helping students get ready to celebrate it with their loved ones. The last day of Kwanzaa is traditionally when gifts are exchanged. Why not make a classroom activity of having students make gifts and then wrapping them with ribbons imprinted with the school logo? The gift then shows how big the community really is.

Remember, Kwanzaa draws on harvest festival traditions. Here's hoping that your days are fruitful and you reap great rewards by celebrating with items from Quality Logo Products!

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