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The Wienermobile is a well-known automobile created by Oscar Mayer. Its main purpose is to advertise and promote the entire Oscar Mayer food product line, but it primarily focuses on promoting hot dogs. The Wienermobile was first created in 1936 by Oscar Meyer’s nephew, Carl Mayer. And what an astonishing creation it was! The original Wienermobile, just like the newer models, is shaped just like a huge hot dog in a bun. It's driven in parades, at grocery stores, during promotional activities, and more. At one point it was also used to visit schools, orphanages, and children’s hospitals. Currently, those who drive the Wienermobile are known as "Hotdoggers." (To read about a day in the life of the Wienermobile, complete with pictures, go to their Hotdogger Blog.)

There have been several Wienermobile models built since the first one was created in the 1930s. A little known fact is that gas rationing during the depression kept the Wienermobile from the roads, but that didn't stop it for long! As Oscar Mayer’s popularity and product lines grew, the Wienermobile continued on its tour across the Midwest and on its travels around the country. This promotional car also traveled to foreign countries to promote the company! The 1950s and 60s saw the peak of the Wienermobile popularity, and more than five million "wiener whistles" were given away to people along the route as promotional gifts. Wienermobile toys also became popular items on store shelves, such as minature car replicas, rolling banks, and even remote control Wienermobiles.

There are many interesting stories to share about the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and its travels. There was one instance when it was involved in a police chase. The big hot dog still continues to tour the United States and attracts attention wherever it goes; this hot-dog-shaped automobile is one of the USA’s most popular and long-lasting attractions!

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