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Microsoft Excel is very popular among businesses. It has earned its place in the business world by providing features that decrease the time that it takes to manage financial data. The long-term benefit of using Excel is an increase in productivity for the business owner, finance staff, and even the tax preparer or accountant.

You can use Excel to manage receipts, make employee schedules, manage inventory, and much more! The software comes with templates for common business functions like cash flow analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. Microsoft and many other reputable web sites have specialized templates that users can download when they need them, but users can also customize Excel's templates in just a few steps to fit their own needs. Templates created by Excel users cover almost every imaginable business data entry, tracking, and reporting need. Receipts

Excel spreadsheets are more efficient than the general ledger books that they replaced. Excel not only provides an editable worksheet, but it also allows users to update and correct data without the need to recalculate every formula. Unlike adding machines with tapes or paper, the data in an Excel worksheet can be saved and reused in other workbooks. You can keep your monthly budget data in separate worksheets for convenience and you can prepare an annual budget or quarterly report by linking the spreadsheets and creating formulas totaling the amounts in the monthly workbooks.

Excel sharing Teamwork and division projects are easier than ever with Excel’s shared workbook feature. You can color-code or title tabs to divide work by employees, or just assign cell colors to distinguish contribution. Placing a workbook like this on one of your shared drives gives all users access to the same file and avoids pesky sticky note reminders on your desk.

Excel's powerful database functions allow you to reorder and sort your workbook data. You can create graphs and pivot tables with your Excel data to improve the impact of your financial reports. You can also create queries that extract specific data or entries that fall within a range of dates, zip codes, or alphabetical text.

Don’t stress out, because there are lots of online resources and tutorials to help you become an Excel master. Microsoft offers thorough guides for all three current versions of Excel: 2003, 2007, and 2010. There are also plenty of forums to check if you need help.

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