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The exact history of screen printing is unknown. The Chinese developed a form of screen printing during the Song Dynasty, which was between 960 and 1279, and the Japanese were also developing screen printing during this time. Originally, the screen printing process used human hair as a stencil to make regular ink patterns. In Polynesia, banana leaves were poked with holes and used as screens or stencils. Much later, in eighteenth-century England, people discovered that silk worked well as a screen to make repeating patterns in ornate wall paper. After that, the term "silk screening" became a widespread term. However, because manmade fibers are now used instead of silk, that term evenually evolved into "screen printing." You may have heard the term "imprinting" as well, which is used to describe both engraved and screen-printed items.

Screen printing remains popular in the twenty-first century because it allows for a clear imprint on a variety of different materials and surfaces. A screen-printing process can not only print on metal, plastic, and paper but also on round and cylindrical objects of different sizes. These attributes make screen printing a good choice for promotional pens because writing instruments are available in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and materials!

Cambridge Pen In addition to screen printing, laser engraving is also used to imprint company names and logos on pens. However, the laser engraved effect does not allow for color transfer because laser-imprinted pens are usually made of painted metal. Sometimes the interaction of the laser and the material will cause a change of color while engraving (often to white or black). With screen printing, brilliant colors can be transferred to a pen to attract attention to the insignia. In short, if a pen has color on the imprint then it has probably been screen printed rather than imprinted with a laser.

BIC Digital Widebody Message Pen When a digital image is selected for a pen, it's transferred to the screen printing machinery and imprinted. Because the ink is forced through a fine screen, the selected image can be intricately and exactly reproduced onto the pen. Have you heard of a color-doming system for promotional pens? Color doming refers to a process that preserves the print. It is also used on pictures to keep them clean and assure the color lasts for many years. A doming process might also refer to the printing of three-dimensional labels and stickers.

Although laser-engraved pens are elegant, screen printing is used most often for promotional pens because it's versatile and rich with color. Keep in mind that the personalized pens you choose for your giveaways will vary depending on your audience. For example, a laser-engraved pen may appear more professional in a corporate setting but a digitally-printed pen may be the ticket to a standout trade show expo or direct mail campaign! No matter which type of pen imprint you select for your needs, always verify that your customized pens are being imprinted using the most cost-effective and attractive process possible!

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