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Information about healthy water intake and how promotional water bottles can help.

It's probably safe to assume that everyone has been encouraged by doctors to drink eight glasses of water daily. Ideally, you are supposed to drink out of an eight-ounce-glass or the equivalent of a sixty-four-ounce glass filled with water each day. This "eight-glasses-per-day" advice is widespread because it seems to be a good estimated amount for most people to follow and it has been stated so many times. In reality, experts don't know exactly the optimal amount of water intake. Scientific studies on this matter have produced varying answers and left experts without a clear and definite figure.

It is difficult to pinpoint the perfect amount of daily water intake because different people need different amounts of water. Many factors contribute to a specific person's hydration needs. People who work out or lead very active lifestyles will need to consume much more water than people who are mostly sedentary. A lot of health conditions also play a big role, which is why doctors always tell patients to drink a lot of fluids when they have the flu or a bladder infection. Most women quickly realize that they need to drink more water when they are pregnant and breastfeeding. Even the environments in which people live can affect hydration, especially in very hot and dry climates.

Whether a person's ideal daily water intake is less than, more than, or exactly eight glasses, there is one thing that is known for sure - many people do not keep their bodies properly hydrated. This is especially true for individuals who drink a lot of soda and rely on convenience foods. Dehydration is surprisingly common, and a lot of people are actually chronically dehydrated without even knowing it.

According to the experts, experiencing thirst is indicative of dehydration. It's best to drink enough water on a regular basis so that the feeling of thirst doesn't even occur. Another easy way to tell if someone is getting enough fluids is to look at his or her urine, which should be very light in color and clear enough to easily see through. Dehydration contributes to and causes a huge variety of health problems, from fatigue to much more serious conditions, and many people do not even recognize it as the cause!

Water bottles make healthy drinking more convenient and readily available. When a water bottle is within reach to quench thirst, there is less temptation to stop at a gas station or a drive through for a giant soda. At home, keeping a water bottle handy is a great reminder to stay hydrated. Promotional water bottles can help people increase the amount of water that they drink. This is also one of the promotional business items that is least likely to go unused. Many people spend their money to purchase water bottles, so they love getting them for free. Water bottles are also very likely to be carried around, which will increase brand visibility and recognition.

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