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Optical illusions are images that trick the brain into seeing things that don’t exist. The eye processes the information it sees and sends that to the brain, which tries to figure out the answer. The brain depends on what the eye sees, but in most of these illusions the brain and eye differ in their processing. Many people are able to see an optical illusion once they learn the answer, but not always!

A common optical illusion is a sketch of a young woman combined with a sketch of an old woman; when you look one way you can see the older woman, but when you turn it over you can see the younger woman. The increase in technology has made optical illusions more complex and has even made it possible to create pictures that appear to move even though they remain completely stationary. These images are so popular that they have been used in advertisements, on book covers, on
business promotional products, and much more!

Examples and information on optical illusions include:

Common optical illusions include:

The Hermann Grid
The Mach Band
The Muller-Lyer
The Café Wall
The Penrose Triangle
Ascending and Descending
The Waterfall
The Vase
Reversible Figure
Impossible Trident

Lesser-known or obscure optical illusions include:

The Hering Illusion
Benham’s Top
Ames Trapezoid
Fraser Spiral
Jastrow Illusion
Lilac Chaser
Orbison Illusion
The Spinning Dancer

The use of 3-D technology has created a large number of unusual and lesser-known optical illusions. Companies specializing in business promotional items use these illusions on their products as a way of giving customers something to remember. They’re also passed around through emails and blogs as a way of testing others. One thing about optical illusions is clear; their increased popularity and ever-changing complexity will keep them in the public eye for a long time to come!

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