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There are many important things to look for when considering water quality.

Water is the source of life. It hydrates us, it brings much needed oxygen to the body, it gives nourishment to plant life and vegetation, and it is the gateway for our oceans and waterways. Many people are not aware of the many different things that might be lurking in their local drinking water. Generally speaking, drinking water in most American cities is safe and has little to no contaminants, but there are still some things that people should understand.

Sometimes there are instances in which water contains natural bacteria or microorganisms that may cause people to become sick. This is usually caused by eroding soil that filters the bacteria down into the water supply.  Pesticides like DEET are also potential problems that can sometimes be found in drinking water supplies in various parts of the country. In most cases, the water is thoroughly tested and rigorously filtered to make sure the chemical levels are low enough to be safe for human consumption.

Fluoride used to be occasionally added to the water supply (by certain localities) in order to give an added benefit to dental health, but it is now being phased out due to its suspected link with health issues. Local governments as well as the EPA enforce standards to ensure that harmful chemicals like arsenic, radon, lead, and copper are at extremely low levels so that the water we drink is safe.  The EPA reviews its drinking water testing standards at least every six years so that there is a uniform measure of quality across the board.

Even though great efforts are made to keep water clean and filtered, a few elements occur naturally in drinking water and cannot be helped.  One of these very common elements is sulfate.  Sulfate has been known to cause diarrhea in people who drink water containing high elements of it.  Sodium and other commonly-occurring elements can also be found in drinking water, but in most cases these are nothing to inspire concern and should not cause any health problems.

If you’re interested in finding out the Ph balance, contents, and purity of the water near you, then you can contact your local public works and ask for a home water test.  There are also many different resources available online where you can view a recent water quality report.  Some localities send their customers an annual water quality review as well.  If you have any concerns or problems, it’s recommended that you immediately contact your local public works department so they can run a professional test and check for any red flags.

Once you’re armed with the knowledge of what should and should not be included in your drinking water, you can feel better about what you and your family is drinking.  Be aware of the source of your water as well as the chemicals in both the water and in the water bottles you're using.  Get a free test kit and check out the water quality where you live. Once you know more about the water you drink, your peace of mind will be improved.

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