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Howling Good Deals on Food Dishes, Collar Tags, Leashes, and Other Custom Pet Supplies

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman's heart (and some men too) is with the thought of cuddly animals. Who doesn't like furry little puppies that trip over their own paws or kittens with their big curious eyes looking up at you? Heartless people, that's who.

Just like that Sarah McLachlan ad that you can never look away from, these pet products will melt hearts and get your logo noticed, while people discover how much your company cares about animals. When you print your logo on one of the many different styles of pet bowl, you are not only helping a pet owner keep their pet costs down, you are also keeping a pet well fed and hydrated. Sturdy plastic bowls are great for everyday use in the home, and some are even made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo resin, showing you not only care about pets and their owners, but you also care about the planet.

Pet travel bags are perfect for the pet owner on the go, with foldable water bowls great for a quick break during your walk. Hikers and runners bring water bottles with them to stay hydrated, but don't forget about your furry friends; they need to stay hydrated too! Keep a fold up water bowl right next to your customized pet treat bag for a happy, healthy pet that will run miles with you.

Don't forget about another important part of a walk: the part you have to clean up after. Here at Quality Logo Products, we've also got this part of pet supplies covered. We have a variety of waste disposal bag dispensers that come in fun shapes. Carry one that looks like a cute doggy bone or order one that looks like a fire hydrant, these bag dispensers are convenient and easy to carry, and most come with a clip to attach to your belt, purse or leash.

Speaking of leashes, what better way to get your logo seen by pet lovers every day than to print your name on a colorful leash? Pair the leash with a dog pedometer, a safety strobe or even a dog-safe flyer to encourage pet owners to get active with their furry family members.

They are sure to work up an appetite as they jog at your side or dash across the yard, and you can make sure your company is part of their lives here too with your logo on a canned food re-sealable lid or a dry food scoop. For those animals who aren't feeling their best, we also have animal pill boxes in pet themed designs to make it easier to keep track of keeping your pet healthy.

What about the consumers who don't own a pet, you may ask. You can still melt their hearts with thoughts of furry balls of love, but instead of putting your logo on pet supplies, you may want to opt for our animal themed bag clips, magnets or stress balls. To really seal the deal and associate your brand with warm fuzzy feelings, try your logo on a puppies and kittens calendar, sure to melt the iciest of hearts.

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