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Celebrate Made in America Month with American-Made Promo Items from QLP!

December: In the United States, it's easily one of the most important months for retailers all year. Yet a company's success often depends heavily not only on what it wants (which is more sales, obviously) but what its customers want. Even during the madness of December gift-buying, many customers get extra happy if they can support American manufacturing by buying goods with the "Made in USA" label. To satisfy all these shoppers, December is Made in America Month, and QLP has the good to help you spread the word.

No matter the business you're in, if buying American-made goods is important to you, we have items to promote your business throughout December that are manufactured in the United States. Tried-and-true promotional giveaways like koozies, water bottles, and tumblers are among those you'll find in QLP's catalog that bear the "Made in the U.S." stamp (not literally, of course--we have to leave room for your custom logo!). Want to get your staff in the spirit of Made in America Month? Outfit them in some of our specially selected apparel. T-shirts are always a fave!

If you're a retailer, though, and you're especially keen on promoting the items you sell that are produced in the States, don't worry. We have plenty of items that can draw attention to your goods in the store. Try dangling flag-shaped keychains from the hangers of your USA-made t-shirts--free gifts for whoever finds them! Or display all your made-in-the-States wares on a tablecloth that also was produced in the lower 48. And when it comes time for your customers to check out with the cashier, don't forget to put their purchases into an American-made reusable tote bag.

Without the support of United States manufacturers, however, retailers wouldn't have much of a reason to celebrate Made in America Month. It's because of hard-working engineers, machinists, designers, and factory professionals that American industry exists at all. So if you work in manufacturing, make December a month to show your employees how much you appreciate their contributions to the industrial world. Any of our products that are made in the United States would make excellent thank-you gifts, from candy gifts sets to customized awards and trophies.

While you're thinking about gifts to buy people (or panicking about it, as often happens in December), it's helpful to take a moment to think about the people who made those gifts. If supporting manufacturing in the United States is important to you, then Quality Logo Products is the right place to help you celebrate Made in America Month.

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