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Custom Koozies, Cups, and T-Shirts to Make Your Mardi Gras Memorable!

Mardi Gras may have arrived in Louisiana as a French Catholic tradition, but the Tuesday before the start of Lent has evolved into a day that anyone can celebrate. So load up on cakes and paczkis, find a feathered mask, and get ready to catch some beads! Wait, what's that? Your company's based outside of Wichita, there won't be any bead-tossing at any parades, and you still need an idea for a promotion? No problem! Wherever you are, you can make your company the life of the marketing party with Mardi Gras promotional giveaways that are even better than beads.

Restaurants and bars are sure to be busy any night there's a party. Serve your customers in style with customized beer steins, wine glasses, and coasters. If you're hosting a larger party, maybe at a music venue or concert hall, pour your beverages into customized solo cups. Want to give guests items to take home to remember their night at your establishment once the hangover has passed? Try personalized bottle openers and corkscrews that they can use the next time they're ready to celebrate.

Other businesses can celebrate Mardi Gras with promotional items, too. Help your customers and clients get ready for the night by giving away items they can use at outdoor events. Koozies, folding chairs, and coolers are excellent raffle items. They're also great to provide along the parade route if Mardi Gras floats will be riding through your town. Need a fundraiser for your organization? Try hitting up the partygoers with these practical party-minded items.

Musicians, if you're lucky enough to be performing to busy crowds on Mardi Gras eve, you may find that it's a good night to earn some extra money by selling t-shirts with the band's logo imprinted on them. Better yet, if you're feeling generous and want to get into the Mardi Gras spirit, toss a few from the stage into the audience. It'll be like you're riding on a float, without the slow, creeping movement. Party!

Although Mardi Gras is traditionally an event for more, ahem, mature crowds, younger people might want to enjoy a good celebration as well. Quality Logo Products offers many products that would be excellent for a school or community youth group to distribute at a safe and fun Mardi Gras party, including light sticks, sunglasses, and cups for soda and other non-alcoholic drinks. They're actually great for all sorts of parties, underage or otherwise.

Your customers might want to celebrate for the sake of celebrating, but on Mardi Gras, you can celebrate your company or organization. Call Quality Logo Products and get your promotional party started!

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