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When Donors Give Blood, Give Something Back with QLP's Branded Giveaways

When people donate blood, they usually do so out of the goodness of their, well, their hearts. No matter how many people donate, however, there will always be a need for stored blood to save lives after tragic accidents. To make sure that the public is aware of this need, January has been declared National Blood Donor Month, and Quality Logo Products has plenty of items to give to donors and potential donors, who give so much (and so literally!) of themselves.

The best institutions to promote their efforts during Blood Donor Month are the ones that collect and store donations: hospitals and blood banks. We have all sorts of giveaways to show donors how much they're appreciated, from the small and simple products like stickers and silicone bracelets to more substantial tokens of participation like tote bags and tumblers. Stress balls are especially handy for donors to use while they're giving blood. Why not give them customized stress toys in the shape of a blood droplet, red blood cell, or heart that they can also take home when they're done?

Promotional products can bring blood donors to health care facilities in other ways as well. By outfitting nurses, lab technicians, and other healthcare staff members in fleece jackets, tee shirts, or even badge holders customized for National Blood Donor Month, they'll be letting people know about an opportunity to give blood wherever they happen to go.

Local government offices are also effective places to promote Blood Donor Month. Many of our essential government services, in particular the police and fire departments, are involved in responding to emergencies. Because the people they rescue so often benefit from transfusions of donated blood, it makes sense for people involved with these services to encourage blood donation. They can hand out gifts from magnets to water bottles at their offices, or use them as fundraisers.

It's also good to educate students about the importance of giving blood to save lives. No matter what age they are, they'll be able to appreciate the message when it comes attached to a small gift like a button or, a favorite for kids, a syringe pen. Any professionals doing presentations at schools for National Blood Donor Month might want to consider bringing along a few of these to distribute to the audience.

We know that marketing your business or organization is incredibly important. Show your community that you know what's important to it by encouraging people to donate blood during Blood Donor Month with merchandise from Quality Logo Products.

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