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Give Your Promotion the Write Stuff with Custom Items for National Novel Writing Month

They say that everybody has a story to tell. Do you think you can tell yours in 50,000 words? That's the challenge that's posed to writers every November, when people are encouraged to compose an entire novel from start to finish in thirty days. November is National Novel Writing Month, also called NaNoWriMo, and because so many people dream of being writers, we're sure that QLP has promotional products that can help your business reach them all.

What businesses will do the best in promoting themselves alongside NaNoWriMo? If your business is a place where employees can distribute pens, pencils, flash drives, and other writing implements (which is to say, just about any business), then NaNoWriMo is a fine marketing opportunity for you. Get even more creative with pencil and pencil-themed stress toys, and encourage your customers to get creative as well.

NaNoWriMo is an especially good promotional opportunity, however, for businesses and establishments where people might go to work on their novels, namely, coffee shops and libraries. Coffee shops can embrace NaNoWriMo with themed coffee mugs and tumblers that they can sell or give away for free. Libraries can provide bookmarks and book lights (as well as pens and pencils) to help writers do research while crafting their fantastic tales.

Want to encourage productivity in the workplace? Support your employees as they pursue their hobbies (outside of the office, of course). It's been shown that employees with a healthy work-life balance actually work harder at their jobs. At the beginning of November, send your wordsmith employees home with customized notepads or calendars to help them stick to their writing schedules. Watch them come in to work obsessed yet happy about striving for a personal goal!

Schools and community groups can help students get involved in NaNoWriMo, too. The Young Writers Program is a facet of NaNoWriMo that allows students to write shorter works throughout the month. Congratulate any students who achieve their word counts with buttons and other Quality Logo Products gifts.

Branding is how you tell the story of your company or organization. Your advertising plan probably doesn't read like a novel (which is good--no marketing plan should begin by explaining what a dark and stormy night it was), but that doesn't make the story it tells any less important. Tell your story and inspire others to tell theirs by supporting them during NaNoWriMo with items from Quality Logo Products.

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