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Custom Office Supplies, Fundraising Gifts, and Promotional Gear for Your Nonprofit

Lots of people think that money doesn't matter for those who work at nonprofit organizations. Oh, if only it could be all about the cause! The truth is that nonprofits have to be especially careful to make sure that each of their hard-earned and generously donated dollars count. So when we ask, "Why not make them count with stress balls?" we promise we're not being sarcastic about it. Promotional products are a great way to get the community interested in the cause your organization represents.

Numerous fundraising campaigns offer rewards to people who donate money at different tiers. We have budget-friendly items that would make great contributor appreciation gifts at all levels, from simple pens and buttons to coffee mugs to plaques and items of apparel. The goodwill that a tangible demonstration of gratitude can earn is worth the investment, especially if it encourages contributors to actively donate. Take a look at our wide selection to see which items might be fitting contributor rewards for your organization. We have plenty of merchandise related to popular nonprofit interests, including education, healthcare, and the environment.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other tops are particularly effective promotional items for nonprofits, not only because they help contributors feel that their support is appreciated but also because they advertise your organization to anyone who crosses paths with people wearing those shirts. Get people talking about your cause with customized tank tops and jackets, for warm weather or cool. In addition to being excellent giveaway items, they make great items to sell as part of a fundraiser.

Helping other local businesses meet some of their needs may inspire them to help your cause in the future. Small office supplies like pencils and notepads let other companies know that your organization exists and demonstrate that you have an interest in helping, an important quality that nonprofit donors will want to support.

And while you're taking care of contributors and, oh, yeah, looking out for the welfare of the rest of world, don't forget to treat your staff! We offer items that you can give your staff not only to make it easy for them to spread your organization's name but also to support all their efforts in the office, like desk supplies and stress balls. Especially stress balls. We recommend those for anyone involved in grant writing.

As serious as you are about the cause you represent and the success of your organization, we know that taking care of what matters to you brings you joy. With promotional products, you can spread some of that joy to others. Show your passion to everyone around you with promotional merchandise from Quality Logo Products!

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