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Honor Local, National, and All Heroes with Personalized Gifts This Patriot's Day

Sometimes giveaway items have to do more than simply promote a company and garner more business. Sometimes they commemorate an event and demonstrate that a company or business is invested in its community and the surrounding world. Patriot Day is a United States holiday that pays tribute to the people who were injured or who lost their lives on the September 11 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. It's not exactly a time to let your inner marketing maven cut loose, just a time to provide people with items that support the patriotic mindset and help them as they show respect to those affected by the attacks.

When September 11 was officially designated a National Day of Service and Remembrance by the American government, it became a day for citizens to strengthen their nation through charitable effort. Patriot Day is now a day when volunteer service is encouraged, which calls on nonprofit organizations and government institutions to reach out to the populace so that citizens might become engaged. Promotional products don't need to be fancy to do this. Calendars sent out from organizations can inform people of upcoming volunteer opportunities, while small gifts decorated in red, white, and blue or the stars-and-stripes motif, like pens, can serve as gifts of thanks to any volunteers who lend an organization their time on this day of memorials.

Today, Patriot Day exists to honor the notion that the USA remained strong and persevered in the wake of atrocities. Though it's not a day for brash celebration, there is a certain swelling of national pride that occurs across the country. To support these outpourings of nationalism, on September 11, businesses might consider offering their customers any of our patriotically themed items as small tokens of solidarity. We have several items that feature such symbols as the eagle, the Capitol building, and the Statue of Liberty, all of which are fine choices for customer giveaways.

Since September 11, the United States military has been active in operations conceived as a result of the attacks. If your business employs or serves many members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, camo-printed items stand as gifts you can offer to acknowledge them and their service. Items with camouflage patterns also may be thoughtful to include in care packages sent to members of the military overseas.

It's common to see the words "we will not forget" used across various means of expression on Patriot Day. A small gift offered can never make up for an enormous tragedy, but it can be a kind gesture letting those around you know that you still remember all that happened on a day that affected so many.

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