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Personalized Pencils & Promotional Pencils

As far as promotional writing tools go, pens usually get most of the recognition. While there's no denying that pens make outstanding giveaway items, people tend to forget that pencils have come a long way in recent years. The yellow-body-and-pink-eraser design has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, there are plenty of eye-catching new styles to choose from, allowing brands and businesses to really brighten up their image on the fly, even when they're on a tight budget. There's a pencil for every type of promotion, and it all starts right here: with our customizable selections!

Forget what you thought you knew: office workers, engineers and mathletes aren't the only pencil fanatics out there. The rest of the public uses them too! After all, a drawer full of pens is useless when all you need is a pencil.

Of course, selecting a specific promo pencil for your company can be tough, but the effort is worth it, especially when your brand's logo and contact information is printed in bold and vivid detail for all to see. But which custom pencil would you want representing you? Are you looking for something traditional? There are plenty of conventional pencils to pick from, featuring both rounded and edged bodies and available in just about any color you'd prefer. How about something out of the ordinary? We have everything from mood pencils that change color right in the user's hand to oversized novelty pencils that can barely fit in a person's hand! Need something modern? Try imprinting a few mechanical push-pencils with your name and logo to prove your resourcefulness to customers. Need a specific design? We've got it all: carpenter pencils, golf pencils, shaped pencils, glow pencils, gift sets, and many more.

We could go on and on about the benefits of promotional pencils, but it all comes down to getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Custom pencils are exceptionally affordable and will fit comfortably into your promotional campaign without straining your budget in the process. You can order large quantities for a small price and extend the visibility of your brand like never before!

Want to talk distribution? The opportunities are endless! Hand them out to both new and repeat customers to promote brand loyalty, pass them out at job fairs, offer them at conventions and conferences, or just use them as leave-behinds at meetings. And don't forget about the academic market: school systems and universities are always in need of few extra pencils - you could be the company to supply them.

Whether your business is a small startup or a full-blown corporation, it's always beneficial to show support for communities! Add custom pencils to your next advertising campaign and let your logo serve as a reminder of your brand's contributions!

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