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Patriotic Pencils, Stress Balls, Calendars and More to Celebrate President's Day!

In the United States, the official name for the third Monday in February is Washington's Birthday, to honor the first person to serve as the nation's chief executive. However, even though both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays are marked in February, President's Day is a day to pay tribute to everyone who's occupied the Oval Office. You can get your company in the patriotic mood with all the fun USA-themed promotional items that Quality Logo Products has available.

If your business is one that will have its doors open on that February Monday, President's Day makes a fine day to give away items decorated with the stars and stripes or other symbols of national pride. Pens, pencils, and keychains are such affordable giveaway items that they can be handed out to anyone who enters the store, and they're so useful that people will appreciate them no matter their political leanings. To have more fun with the holiday, hold a giveaway drawing and offer some of our star or bald eagle-shaped stress toys as prizes.

One great benefit of President's Day is that it provides focus and a specific reason for students to learn about United States presidents and the history of the White House. Schools can capitalize on President's Day by sending students home with customized patriotic pencils and calendars to help them finish their assignments and keep track of homework due dates along with holidays. Other promotional products, like symbolic stress toys or plush animals, can be fun rewards for students who complete President's Day classroom activities.

In many years and in many states, President's Day occurs right before primary elections. Even if it doesn't, it often serves as an occasion for politicians to meet with their constituents, spread their messages, lobby for votes, and otherwise follow in the tradition established by high-ranking political representatives before them. Handshakes and baby-kissing are fine and good, but to really make an impact, politicians can thanks voters for their interest by handing out promotional products on President's Day. At the prices we offer, they're sure to encourage fiscal responsibility!

President's Day is a day to celebrate the venerable leaders that have stood at the helm of the United States government. It's also a fine time to show that you're in charge of your marketing and outreach plan. Take control and guide your business or organization on toward greatness with promotional items from Quality Logo Products!

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