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Active Set Packaging

Active Set Packaging

The Good: This two-in-one product offers double exposure! Perfect for college fairs, open houses and recruiters.

The Bad:
The price is the cost of the backpack and the process of inserting an additional item but does NOT include the additional item or its customization.

The Bottom Line: They’re inexpensive and effective for brand awareness beyond a single promotional event, but the pricing can seem misleading.

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Design (8/10): (top)
The Active Set Packaging is the Nylon Drawstring Backpack with the labor of inserting an additional item into the bag.  The bag is 13.5” by 16.5” so it can definitely fit things like textbooks and sweatshirts inside, but if it’s packed too heavily or with irregularly shaped items, the corded ropes can dig into the shoulders uncomfortably.  Though mostly translucent, the material is definitely thick enough to work far beyond a one-time use promotion.  When tested with single ream of paper (5 lbs.), the backpack fit snugly but not uncomfortably.  When testing with two reams of paper, the backpack put excess stress on the shoulder blades and the corded rope dug into the front of the shoulders.  When tested with two large sweatshirts, the bag was full but fit comfortably.

Features (7/10): (top)
Available in only three colors, the Active Set Packaging seems limited at first, but when you realize that two of the colors are black and white, you’ll be able to adapt your logo to the background without much adjustment.  The item is small enough to be stored easily but not so thin that it becomes impractical.  Cinched shut, each corded rope is approximately 26.5” long, but the rope can be cut and retied near the grommet and readjusted for people with smaller frames.  The corded ropes aren’t as comfortable as the padded straps available on other backpacks, but they still do the job.

Price (7/10): (top)
While it’s not as durable as regular backpacks one might use for daily classes or hiking, the Active Set Packaging is also much less expensive.  This item is perfect for athletes like swimmers, cheerleaders and runners, who don’t have excessive equipment but still want a unique way to look like a team.  The pricing on the Active Set Packaging includes the Nylon Drawstring Backpack plus the labor of inserting the second item like the Sprint Sport Bottle, but it does NOT cover the cost or customization of the second item.

If you have the time to coordinate adding a second item yourself, the personalized Nylon Drawstring Backpack might be a better option, because you will be save money if you order the items separately and put them together yourself than order the Active Set Packaging and pay for the labor.  Also, if you’re looking for a daily or heavy use bag, this item is not the most comfortable option, and you would want to go with something like the On the Move Backpack.  However, the personalized Active Set Packaging is ideal for athletic and academic settings when coupled with something like a water bottle or koozie.  This set is perfect for sports teams and alumni groups that have rapidly approaching events. 

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Aug. 15, 2007

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Active Set Packaging

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