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Ad Walker Stress Product

Ad Walker Stress Product

The Good: Unique promotional item, appealing to children.

The Bad: Only one color body, no practical use, two color imprint maximum.

The Bottom Line: For undeniable, unbelievable, and inexplicable fun, the Ad Walker customized with your logo is the way to go!

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Design (6/10): (top)
The Ad Walker does not have a practical function (other than showing off your logo), so wear and tear on this item will be minimal.  With four black, sticky ends, the custom Ad Walker flips over and over as it scuttles down the wall.  The sticky ends look dirty quickly, but they continue to function very well after several uses.  Also, the round ends can be pulled several inches away from the rest of the unit without snapping, making this little guy as durable as he is fun.  The center of the item is plastic with a nice round center section perfect for imprinting.  While other promotional products may have subtle imprint areas that allow the item to take center stage, a great plus of the personalized Ad Walker is that the logo will get all of the attention!  The imprint is very crisp, and even thin lines of small text show up well.  Because it’s not likely this item would be carried in a purse or backpack, the logo will not scrape off quickly.

Features (4/10): (top)
Although some of the promotional items on the site are not top quality when it comes to practical use (e.g. carabiners purchased on this site are NOT to be used for actual rock climbing), there’s no getting around the fact that the customized Ad Walker is especially useless.  Items like stress figures and Magic 8 Balls don’t have “uses” either, but they at least provide the user something to do, while the Ad Walker is just something you watch.  That’s good news for your logo… until the potential client gets bored.  However, until then, they’re great fun in the same way a twenty-five year old box of Lincoln Logs is often way more fun than the latest game system whenever the little cousins come over for Christmas.  Sure, everyone talks about cracking out the Wii, but by time dinner rolls around, you have to pry apart a miniature cabin just to get to the table.  On the logistics side, the Ad Walker is only available with a white body and has a maximum of two imprint colors.  With four goopy arms that allow the Ad Walker to flip over and over to walk down the wall, this weird little personalized creature will give you a strangely Zen feeling.

Price (5/10): (top)
Start-up companies and other organizations with limiting funding need to be careful how they spread out their money.  Luckily, the personalized Ad Walker is fairly inexpensive compared to things like water bottles and t-shirts.  However, they do cost more than most of our pens and pencils which are traditionally successful startup items.  The price/performance comparison is very subjective in this case, because it depends on your campaign’s aim.  If you want to provide loyal customers with a thank you gift, the Ad Walker will keep your logo in their sights.  But if you’re initially recruiting new customers, you may want to go with something they will pick up every day.  A great feature of this item is that, because of its small size, many of them fit into a box and can ship very inexpensively.

If your company, cause, business, or fearless leader is a little off-the-wall, then the customized Ad Walker belongs on your clients’ walls.  Because the item has no daily utility, it’s up to you to deliver this product in a memorable way.  If you like the concept but want to add more zing, go with the Metallic Ad Walker, the same whacky design in metallic blue or metallic silver.  If you want slightly more utility without going the pen/notepad route, try any one of our customized stress balls, especially the personalized Star Man Stress BallWith more opportunities for product-client interaction, stress relievers can always get the job done.

Ideal Markets: (top)
Thank you gifts, childrens’ promotions, schools, tie-in campaigns, promotional packages, trade shows, conventions, job fairs, school fundraising, day care centers, stress relief.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: May 12th, 2008

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