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Deluxe Poker Set

Deluxe Poker Set

The Good: This durable set is perfect for all types of campaigns (“Take a gamble on us!”), and it’s a high retention item.

The Bad:
Its high price tag and its specificity could work against you if you misjudge your recipient.

The Bottom Line:
As long as you choose distribution methods carefully, the custom imprinted Deluxe Poker Set is a worthwhile investment.

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Design (9/10): (top)
At first glance, the black felt lining on the inside makes the Deluxe Poker Set look very stylish indeed.  However, at the topmost corners of the underside of the lid, one can see where the felt doesn’t quite meet the edges and exposes the metal beneath.  This does not make the Deluxe Poker Set look shabby by any means, but this item is definitely not Vegas floor quality.  The entire casing can be snapped shut easily and be transported without falling open.  The foam lining on the underside of the lid prevents the items from rolling around inside or knocking noisily against the casing.  The cardboard/felt divider lifts out of the case smoothly, which would allow you to use the case for other items.  There are small plastic pieces on the bottom and on one of the faces that allows the Deluxe Poker Set to sit on any surface.

Features (8/10): (top)
There are a set of keyholes on the front, and the keys are inside, but they are purely decorative.  There is no way to actually lock the casing.  The chips are very durable, about 1” wide and 1/8” thick, and each one features solid blocks of color and die faces around the circumference.  They are packaged in twelve rolls of 25 chips each (100 white/blue, 100 blue/white, 50 black/white, 50 red/white) and vacuum sealed, so they remain unscratched.  The packs of cars – one red and one blue – are both sealed as well.  The five red die are loose in the case, but they fit snugly into the provided slot.  Everything about the design is very professional.

Price (8/10): (top)
Starting at $33.99 each, the customized Poker Set is definitely a great match for price and performance.  Although it falls on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of promotional product cost, it’s definitely a high retention item is not only worth its price tag, but that will provide your company continued brand exposure.

At this price, the customized Deluxe Poker Set is not efficient as a giveaway at trade shows and to casual customers.  Rather, it works as an incredible reward for dedicated customers, investors, and – of course – high rollers.  If you choose your recipients carefully, the custom imprinted Deluxe Poker Set can be a very effective promotional product.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Aug. 16, 2007

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