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Foot Care Kit

Foot Care Kit

The Good: Compact tools and case, translucent case allows for business card display.

The Bad: Limited customization, limited demographic.

The Bottom Line: For a female focused campaign, the personalized Foot Care Kit can pamper your toes while it pads your sales!

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Design (8.5/10): (top)
Compact and sleek, the personalized Foot Care Kit is a great giveaway at trade shows and within shops.  While the items within are definitely not throwaway, each one has a different life depending on how often the client uses it.  The case, however, will last longer and can be used past the life of the tools.  Also, the back is completely transparent, so you can add your own business card, brochures, coupons, and other advertising material for display.

Features (6.5/10): (top)
A drawback that’s not devastating but certainly worth mentioning is the limited customization options.  The color of the casing and the items is only available in blue, and the imprint option is limited to one color.  While this can be limiting in some ways, it can also help you narrow down what’s really important about your company or organization.  A single logo or tagline can go a long way.  The items available in the custom Foot Care Kit include a foot file, a toenail brush, one pair of toe spacer cushions, and two orange sticks.  The top flap slides under a plastic strip across the front and secures the case without getting snagged or leaving a gooey residue.

Price (7/10): (top)
The pricing on this item is very reasonable, as the individual items and casing would easily cost above the posted price.  As of 11 April 2008, all quantities above 150 items are being offered at the lowest price rather than offering lower prices in the higher quantities.  Also, two day rush is available for those last minute events, promotions, and deadlines that sneaked up on you.  If you need a smaller minimum and don’t mind spending a few more dollars, the Essentials Refresh Foot Pamper Pouch is a dazzling alternative.  Another foot related promotion that’ll save you some money but definitely help you kick the competition’s behind is the Foot Stress Ball, a classic standby of promotional products.

Kill two birds with one stone when you use the Foot Care Kit for promotional and sanitary purposes.  Use the items inside to provide services for your clients, and then send them home with everything in an attractive case.  Although this item does primarily appeal to women, taking advantage of the color blue could help you introduce a male-focused campaign to widen your customer base as a whole.  Or you could offer the item to women in return for referring male clients.  No matter how you use it, the personalized Foot Care Kit will clean up!  Use it alone, or pair it up with a related stress ball for an ultimate relaxation kit worth its weight in hot stones.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: April 16, 2008

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