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Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo

Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo

The Good: Universal appeal.

The Bad:
Seasonal use only, may be unneeded in some regions.

The Bottom Line: You can take the hassle out of someone’s frigid morning when you give them the Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo.  You’ll be reimbursed with great returns.

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Design (8/10): (top)
The customized Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo is a sturdy piece of plastic that’s great for anything from a line of frost to a layer of ice across your windshield.  The three scraping edges are thick enough that you probably won’t chip a corner but thin enough to get underneath sheets of ice.

Features (8/10): (top)
Scrape your car clean with the personalized Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo.  Although you will get the most mileage out of it as an ice scraper, using the squeegee to clean off the windows after washing your car is also a great function.  The jagged edge side will break up thicker pieces of ice, the flat sides will lift the ice from the windshield, and the squeegee will get rid of excess moisture.  The only drawback is that this item won’t help much if you can’t get to the ice because of the foot of snow covering your car.  For big storms, you might want to try the Soft Grip Ice Scraper.

Price (8/10): (top)
For an item as durable as this, the asking price on the Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo is totally reasonable.  Compact enough for the car, glove compartment, purse or briefcase, you can get a lot of mileage out of this convenient promotional product.

While you might immediately assume only vehicle related companies can use the Ice Scraper Windshield Squeegee Combo, this item is actually an incredible way for any organization or company to advertise.  Your services and goods may not directly deal with cars, but we’re sure a vast majority of your prospective clients have cars.  That is, unless, you’re trying to draw awareness to using public transportation.  In that case, this just got really awkward.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Oct. 05, 2007

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