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Manicure Set

Manicure Set

The Good: Quality items for great price, great imprint.

The Bad:
Less appealing to men, only available in silver.

The Bottom Line: For female-focused campaigns, the personalized Manicure Set will shape your sales nicely!

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Design (8.3/10): (top)
The imprint on your customized Manicure Set is very high quality, and scratching at it with a fingernail doesn’t even chip at the corners.  With regular use, deterioration of the imprint won’t be an issue.  The four tools are held together in firm foam slots within the flattened cylindrical tube which measures 4 5/8” x 1 ¼” x 1 ¾”.  Even when shaken, the tools stay in place, preventing annoying rattling and damage.

Features (8.8/10): (top)
The only thing left out of this awesome item is the kitchen sink.  Well, basically.  The customized Manicure Set comes with combination cuticle tool, nail clipper, scissors, and nail file to keep fingers and toenails nice and clean.  Because it’s compact, it can fit easily into a briefcase, purse or glove compartment.  Be careful, though, of packing it in your carry-on, because we’re pretty sure it’s not allowed on airplanes.  The only limiting features of the Manicure Set are that you can’t add your own additional manicure supplies, and it’s only available in silver.

Price (8.5/10): (top)
If four tools in a sleek container with great imprint quality for only a few bucks appeals to you, then the Manicure Set it is!  For a low investment, you’ll create a high retention item.  Durable and used several times weekly, this item ensures constant high exposure for your brand.

Things like bags and t-shirts will advertise to a wider audience, but the Manicure Set will have a bigger impact on the individual.  Whether or not that’s the goal of your campaign will determine if this particular promotional product is for you.  Also, female-focused campaigns tend to respond better to this item than unisex or male-focused.  Guess guys don’t mind dirty fingernails.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Sept. 28, 2007

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