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Multi Function Tape Measure

Multi Function Tape Measure

The Good: Versatile, high retention product, professional design.

The Bad:
Not useful for campaigns targeted at children.

The Bottom Line: Practical and promotional, the Multi-Function Tape Measure reinforces your company’s logo while providing a valuable tool for the recipient.

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Design (9.2/10): (top)
The custom imprinted Multi-Function Tape Measure weighs a good amount, giving it the heft of a heavy-duty tool.  The tape measure automatically locks and only retracts at the touch of a silver button, preventing mistaken measurements and cuts from the sharp edge of the tape.  Each of the moving parts opens, closes, slides, retracts and moves on its hinge fluidly.  The whole unit measures 3 1/8” by 2 1/2”, easily fitting into your hand but not easily lost.  Although it features a bunch of different tools, none of them get in the way of the operation of any of the others.

Features (9.4/10): (top)
The only thing missing from the Multi-Function Tape Measure is a carpenter’s pencil; otherwise, small projects can be completed almost exclusively with the use of this single item.  With a calculator, sticky note pad, tape measure (5 m/16.4 ft.), belt clip, and LED, you can prepare all the pieces of your bird house, dresser or whatever else you may want to build.  The belt clip is especially helpful to keep the item on hand, but it’s compact enough to also fit into a tool belt or toolbox.  The LED shines right on the tape measure, illuminating the measurement.  The calculator includes regular functions plus square root and memory.  The only shortcoming is that the sticky note pad contains only about 15 sheets, but they are standard sized at 2 1/4” and 1 7/8” and can easily be replaced.  The item includes batteries and instructions.

Price (9.5/10): (top)
Excuse the pun, but some promotional products – however useful they may be – fail to life up to their pricing.  Luckily, the customized Multi-Function Tape Measure is NOT one of those products.  For under ten dollars each, this item can become a daily use item for professional use (not just construction workers but contractors, architects and people who just enjoy hands on work) or as a backup item in case of emergency.  Roadside assistance and insurance companies can benefit from putting the custom Multi-Function Tape Measures into their customers’ hands to help catalogue damage at an accident scene.  This item is a bit too expensive for indiscriminate giveaways, but a more focused campaign can make great things come from this item.

There’s only one word to describe the Multi-Function Tape Measure, and it starts with B and rhymes with kitchen (This is a family web site, ladies and gentlemen).  The top priorities of a promotional product (bold logo placement, high retention value, economical investment, and versatility) are all gathered together in this incredible item.  Although it will have a bigger impact on a concentrated audience, any family would do well to have a customized Multi-Function Tape Measure in their glove compartment or home.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Sept. 06, 2007

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