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Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

The Good: Great way to reach children, vibrant colors.

The Bad:
Some structural and superficial quality issues.

The Bottom Line: If you can get past the minor imperfections of the Piggy Bank, you can bank on great return from your satisfied customers.

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Design (7/10): (top)
The Piggy Bank does its job: stores your cash and coins in an adorable little oinker.  However, the process of constructing the piggy bank requires that two halves are fused along the midline, leaving a visible if not unsightly line down the center of the item.  This line appears most noticeably on the white Piggy Bank (which also looks vaguely possessed with the white eyes on the white item), a bit less on the solid pink Piggy Bank and least obnoxiously on the translucent/transparent versions.  On the back beneath the tail, there are small indentations (presumably where the Piggy Bank is picked up during construction) that do not compromise the structural integrity of the item but are still noticeable enough to be mentioned in this review.

Features (7.2/10): (top)
A Piggy Bank has one function: hold stuff.  Whether it’s tokens, cash, change, movie stubs or whatever else, this item does the job.  The slot at the top measures 1 5/16” x 1/8” which easily admits paper currency as well as other slim items.  The colors are pretty varied: from translucent versions of red, blue and green to clear to solid pink and white.  The bottom unscrews to allow the user access to their cash when will power inevitably fails.  Although the bottom does stick, it’s not totally impossible to remove; it’s more childproof than anything else.

Price (8/10): (top)
For only a few dollars each, the Piggy Bank becomes a high retention item that’s sure to draw attention to your logo.  While other things like a Pill Reminder are less expensive, they’re also less fun.  Appealing to both children and adults is a difficult task, but a few products are able to bridge that gap; this is one of them.

Think of it this way: investing in the Piggy Bank not only provides your company or organization incredible brand impressions (especially when your potential clients are handling their money), but it also gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re helping people save.  And if they spend that hard-earned cash immediately on your goods and services, that’s not so bad either.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Sept. 27, 2007

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