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See Thru Lip Balm

See Thru Lip Balm

The Good: Great coverage, appealing scent and taste, low price point.

The Bad: One color max imprint, restrictions on mix/match flavors, will not appeal strongly to men.

The Bottom Line: Saturate dried up sales with a set of personalized See Thru Lip Balms available in strawberry and peppermint for you.

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Design (8/10): (top)
If you have chronic chapped lips like me, the most important things you look for a lip balm are how long it lasts and whether or not it’s waxy.  Luckily, the customized See Thru Lip Balm comes out on top in both of these categories.  Not only can you go several hours without reapplying (and maintaining maximum coverage), but also you don’t have a waxy taste or feel after a few minutes.  The scent and taste do fade, but you are left with saturated and protected lips rather than a coat of wax.  In terms of choosing colors, it’s really up to your personal preference whether you go for the fresh peppermint or the sweet scent of strawberry.  The peppermint does give you a distinct minty scent right beneath your nose and a zing of mint if you lick your lips.  The strawberry has the scent but not the taste.  Neither lip balm adds any color to the user’s lips. The imprint is very solid and has some texture to it, and even serif fonts print crisply as long as the letters are large.  If you need to add small text, we recommend sans serif fonts.

Features (8/10): (top)
The personalized See Thru Lip Balm comes in strawberry (pink) and peppermint (blue).  The lip balm measures 2-5/8” high and offers an imprint area of 1-1/4” x 1/2” on the front.  The back lists the type of lip balm, ingredients, a warning for use for small children, and manufacturer’s information.  The custom lip balm imprint is limited to one color, and you can mix and match flavors in quantities of 250 (add $30 copy change fee).  A plastic cap fits snugly on top and simply pulls off to allow the user to apply the lip balm.  Because it’s so small, the customized See Thru Lip Balm fits almost anywhere, including within other products like a cosmetic case.  The bottom of the balm twists clockwise to push up the stick of balm and counterclockwise to pull the balm back into the tube.

Price (8/10): (top)
Coming in between one and two dollars, the custom See Thru Lip Balm is an exceptional value when you consider that every recipient will get multiple brand exposures per day.  However, because the item is lip balm, men may shy away from it (even if it’s the blue one).  The size helps with distribution, because the item can be included in gift bags and transporting them from one place to another is easy.

Female focused campaigns or marketing strategies that also include a more masculine promotional product can succeed using the See Thru Lip Balm.  You can also get some good bang for your buck out of this by distributing it at outdoor summer events like concerts when the need to use the item right away will be great.  If you want to reward hard working women in your office or loyal female customers, include the personalized See Thru Lip Balm inside a Cosmetic Tote Bag.  If you want to stick with lip balm but need more punch to your design, try CMYK printed Designer Lip Balm. You can add photo-like images to the product without having to pay setup charges for each color.

Ideal Markets: (top)
Weddings, wedding announcements, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, womens’ groups, baby announcements, health clinics, dermatologist offices, concerts, beaches, summer events, music festivals, radio contests, spas, resorts, and salons.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: May 22th, 2008

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