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Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

The Good: Wide appeal, great price.

The Bad:
Awkward to operate; sharp, unprotected blade.

The Bottom Line: Rely on this as a giveaway instead of a daily use office product, and you’ll be all right. There are better versions of this type of item out there if you’re willing to spend a few more cents on each..

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Design (4/10): (top)
The Tape Dispenser (QLP01921) is a good idea in theory, but its awkward construction makes it more trouble than its worth.  If you want to display your logo prominently by having it set up on your desk, the sticky side of the tape attaches to the desk.  It can, of course, sit flat or upside down, but the display won’t be as optimal to passerby.  The blade that cuts the tape is sharp not protected by any kind of plastic covering.  Also, the tape has to be wound through the unit and under a roller, leaving an extra bit of tape hanging over the edge.  The customized imprint is crisp and durable, likely to endure through regular wear and tear.

Features (4.8/10): (top)
Available in translucent red, translucent green, white and translucent blue, you are provided with solid options to match your company, team, school or organization’s colors.  Beyond that, the Tape Dispenser just functions as an ordinary tape dispenser.  However, as stated above, it can be awkward to control, which may end up tearing the paper you were trying to fix even more.

Price (5/10): (top)
You basically get what you pay for: the trade-off for the Tape Dispenser being so inexpensive is that it’s less convenient to use than ordinary dispensers.  That puts the rating for price / performance about average, because you’re not getting an incredible product but then again, you’re not paying a lot for it either.

Unless you’ve got your heart set on using a tape dispenser in your next campaign and need to pinch pennies, you’re better off with a more solid office supply.  While you can present more recipients with a Tape Dispenser, it will most likely be stuck in a drawer in favorite of this other Tape Dispenser

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Oct. 11, 2007

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