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Custom Stress Relievers, Chairs, and Hot Packs to Make Relaxation Day Stress-Free

August 15 is Relaxation Day, a day when people are encouraged to curl up in a chair or recline on a sofa, light a lovely scented candle, do some yoga or meditation if that puts them at ease, and just--relax. Unless, that is, they're responsible for marketing a business or organization. Then they still have to work. Using promotional products that tie in to Relaxation Day, however, can take away so much of the stress behind that advertising push.

Spa and salons, Relaxation Day is a time for your business to shine. Take a look at any of our pampering products: luxurious towels, plush blankets, gentle eye masks, and aromatherapy candles. If you want to encourage customers to enjoy the day lounging at your salon, offer them some of these promotional products as a thank-you for visiting. Providing gifts is a fine way to help feel spoiled long after their massages and facials are done.

Hotels and other travel services, you can use Relaxation Day as an opportunity to offer your clients and guests an added caring touch if they happen to be traveling with you on August 15. Travel pillows can provide relief while they get to where they're going; flip flops can motivate them to take advantage of the pool, hot tub, and other facilities while they're there. Hand these out to guests at the beginning of their stay or their trip, and watch them wish that Relaxation Day was a year-long celebration they could spend with you!

Many people find reading relaxing. Libraries and coffee houses, you can take advantage of this love of lounging with a book by offering special promotional items to people who spend the day patronizing you and enjoying your services. Book lights and book marks are fine giveaway items; libraries might even find that selling customized book lamps is a great customized fundraising opportunity.

Of course, not everyone will get to relax on Relaxation Day. Business owners, we know you need your employees to work hard, but take care of them, and they'll take care of you. Quality Logo Products offers stress toys and massagers that can be imprinted with your company logo. Hand these out to your employees on August 15, and they won't mind that the chairs they get to curl up in are the office chairs that sit in front of their desks every day.

Promoting your business or organization can be stressful, but taking advantage of Relaxation Day with items from Quality Logo Products can make it a walk in the park, or a day on the beach, or a stretch on the yoga mat. Put your mind at ease and call Quality Logo Products today!

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