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Serve Up a Side Order of Promo Items for Your Restaurant and Bar Customers

Bars and restaurants that are tired of seeing empty tables at their establishment on a Friday or Saturday night may need to remind customers that, "Hey, your favorite watering hole is still here and we can't wait to see you again!" How do you do that? You do that with a customized promotional item of some sort. What sort of item? I'm so glad you asked!

Bars hoping to bring customers back in on a regular and more consistent basis can offer up discounted drinks if customers bring back your custom glass that they purchased. Imprint your bar's name, the address, and your logo on them, and when guests bring them back in they can get a dollar off their beer every night that ends in -y. Or give them away free when customers sign up for your email update list.

Restaurants that want a more unified dining experience can order imprinted glassware and use them exclusively in their dining room to give a truly customized look and feel to their place. Have them available for resell near your hostess stand so customers can take one home with them and add to their collection of favorite restaurant glasses.

Have a special event coming up for your bar or restaurant and want your employees wearing customized shirts to celebrate? We can definitely help with that to make all your special days even more special! Whether you're hosting parties on all the major 'going out' holidays (St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, New Year's Eve, etc.) we can have some great shirts sent your way in no time.

Are you not in the restaurant or bar industry but know that your customers or employees enjoy cooking at home? Include an imprinted cutting board and some wine glasses along with a bottle of wine in a gift basket and they'll know just how much you appreciate them. While they're sipping their wine and snacking on some cheese from your cutting board they'll think, "Man, isn't [insert your company's name here] great? We should tell more people about them!" You can't beat that ROI!

Don't let an empty bar or restaurant put you in a bad mood! With QLP and some awesome promotional products on your side, we can put customers back in your place and put a smile on your face again! Call us up and order something unique that will make a memorable impression on your customers and you'll be repairing your door from so much traffic coming in.

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