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Combat Tension during Stress Awareness Month with Custom Stress Balls and More!

Everybody has a different way to handle it, but everyone feels stressed from time to time. Maybe a good cry is all they need or a massage to soothe out life's bumps could lower their stress levels. Well, April is the perfect time to reach out to your stressed out customers and help them take a deep breath and realize that things won't be like this forever. Imprint your company's name onto a promotional item that your customers can use to de-stress and you'll always have a special place in their heart.

Aromatherapy could be what they need to stop and take a moment for them and a candle with your company's logo on the side could help them meditate and focus on what they can control to change the situation that they're in. They can light their customized candle in the comfort of their home or in their hotel room if they're a nervous traveler and be on the path to feeling like themselves again in no time.

It's amazing what a few bites of chocolate can do to lower one's stress. Whether your recipient works for a "pointy-haired boss" or they're working from home with kids and dogs running in the background, a concoction of cocoa and sugar in the form of a promotional chocolate bar from your company will do wonders for their mood. They'll get that pick up and go feeling once again and will be able to power through the rest of their day.

Reading a book is a go-to de-stressor for many people. Getting lost in a story where a character and not themselves is being caught in situations or events that are less than ideal could be exactly what they need to let go of the crazy day they experienced at work. Let your customers keep on reading and de-stressing long into the night by giving them a custom book light. They can read just one more chapter in their book without disturbing their sleep partner. They'll be ready to tackle the next day knowing that their character's life is figured out and the birds are chirping in their fictional surroundings.

Getting a bit stressed out picking out a Stress Awareness Month giveaway item for your company? Just give our sales reps a call and they'll walk you through everything from selecting the perfect item, to getting your imprint to look the best it can and all the way through to ordering and receiving them. We're here to help and help we will!

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