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Logo Stress Balls

The little ball that started it all!  Since cavemen were carving their logos into ancient Frisbees with sharpened dinosaur bones, promotional products have been a powerful marketing tool for companies, organizations, schools, and teams.  And as wide as that group is, they all have one thing in common: stressed out people.  Whether it’s making the bottom line happen, picking the right product, or working overtime, burnout is universal in the working world that starts earlier than 9 and lasts far beyond 5.

The Gift of Time
You can do provide a lot of things for a customer like discounts and upgraded services, but you can’t give them more time.  What you CAN do is help them squeeze some relaxation into their commute or workday with a personalized stress ball that matches your company’s message, logo, or service.  Who knows?  Maybe the ability to release tension in a healthy manner and get essential information from you easily will increase their life expectancy – and you really can give them more time!

The Scope of Appeal
Personalized stress balls have an appeal you won’t often see in many promotional products.  Custom stress balls cross age and industry lines to reach an unprecedented number of recipients.  You won’t have to make separate orders to appeal to different parts of your audience: everything is rolled up into one little customized stress ball.

The Possibility of Products
Don’t see what you want in the following pages?  We can create a 100% original stress ball that will be all yours and tailored to your exact specifications.  We have custom cat stress balls, but you want a personalized cat stress ball with black fur, a white patch over one eye, and a short tail to distribute at the funeral of your dearly departed Mrs. Whiskers?  With some time and artwork, we can make that happen!  And don’t limit yourself to just cats: we’ve created original items as intricate as refrigerator and as hilarious as “selected bachelorette party” fare.  (Our PR guy made us write it that way.)

If you see what you’re looking for, go ahead and apply for a quote to the right of the product photos.  Got any questions?  Give us a call at (866) 312-5646 or pop into our live chat from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, CST.


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