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Custom Pet Bowls, Frisbees, and Food Scoops for Take Your Dog to Work Day

What would we do with ourselves if dogs, cats, and other household pets weren't so adorable and fun to watch? Well, for starters, we'd have to find other videos to entertain us while we're at the office. There's a reason we turn to cat memes and goofy dog pictures, though: interaction with animals has been shown to lower stress and improve the human well-being. Take Your Dog to Work Day, which takes place in June on the Friday after Father's Day, not only celebrates this idea but also encourages people to adopt furry friends from their local animal shelters--and serves as a fun promotional opportunity!

The organizations that benefit most from Take Your Dog to Work Day are of course humane societies and animal rescue groups. Having a new animal pal around to bring in to the office (and to hang out with at home) should be enough of a treat. Customized grooming kits, however, can be nice additional giveaways for new owners to get a puppy or older dog started in a new home. Want to reach out to people who aren't yet dog owners but who might be before Take Your Dog to Work Day? Take a look at our dog stress toys!

Businesses that provide pet care services also stand to do well on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Groomers can promote their business with customized hair brushes and lint removers for those times in between the dog's visits to the salon. Dog walkers might find it useful to leave some promotional products behind when they bring their four-footed friends back from their excursions. Bone-shaped magnets are simple yet effective ways to spread contact information, while waste bag dispensers are fine ways to remind pet owners that there's someone else available to do the dirty work of owning a pet.

Where else should Take Your Dog to Work Day be celebrated, though, than at the workplace? Quality Logo Products has a number of affordable items that business owners can distribute to their employees to make this day for dog lovers even more enjoyable. Try getting the company's special visitors comfortable by giving them dog treats that feature the company name and logo, or make them feel especially welcome with new, custom-printed dog collars. Flying discs make great dog toys for use on break (and have the added benefit of being fun for humans, too). And restaurants in business districts can earn some love by providing doggy guests with customized food and water bowls that owners can bring home.

With dog-themed promotional merchandise from Quality Logo Products, you'll have people howling for the next time your company celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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