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Custom Backpack CoolersBackpack Coolers

Get your branding on with personalized backpack coolers! When you put your logo on a zip-up or drawstring backpack, your brand name will be carried along through only the coolest adventures.

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  • Coolio Backpack Cooler (16 Can)
    Coolio Backpack Cooler (16 Can)

    $10.58 - $13.83 ea.

  • Backpack Cooler Bag

    #1 Best Seller

    Backpack Cooler Bag

    $6.26 - $20.34 ea.

  • I Cool TM Backpack Cooler
    I Cool TM Backpack Cooler

    $16.49 - $26.38 ea.

  • Park Side Backpack Cooler
    Park Side Backpack Cooler

    $11.46 - $33.97 ea.

  • Encore Compact Speaker Cooler
    Encore Compact Speaker Cooler

    $21.87 - $39.03 ea.

  • Summit Backpack Cooler
    Summit Backpack Cooler

    $16.86 - $48.05 ea.

  • Ice River Backpack Cooler
    Ice River Backpack Cooler

    $16.79 - $52.08 ea.

  • Basecamp Sherpa Backpack
    Basecamp Sherpa Backpack

    $35.29 - $66.99 ea.

  • Arctic Zone Deluxe Outdoor Backpack Cooler
    Arctic Zone Deluxe Outdoor Backpack Cooler

    $28.93 - $51.63 ea.

  • Backpack Cooler
    Backpack Cooler

    $10.58 - $21.97 ea.

  • Engel Backpack Cooler (White, 23 Qt.)
    Engel Backpack Cooler (White, 23 Qt.)

    $166.50 - $266.40 ea.

  • Koozie Kooler Backpack
    Koozie Kooler Backpack

    $13.63 - $21.80 ea.

  • Lightweight Drawstring Cooler Pack
    Lightweight Drawstring Cooler Pack

    $2.34 - $3.06 ea.

  • Glacier Backpack Cooler
    Glacier Backpack Cooler

    $11.28 - $22.11 ea.

  • Fresco Sport Cooler
    Fresco Sport Cooler

    $14.11 - $25.18 ea.

  • Engel Backpack Cooler (Camo, 23 Qt.)
    Engel Backpack Cooler (Camo, 23 Qt.)

    $185.25 - $296.40 ea.

  • Our Custom Backpack Coolers Will Keep Your Marketing Budget from Overheating

    When you’re headed out to a company picnic and have your arms full with collapsible tables or chairs, the last thing you need is a cooler to carry. But what if you still need your drinks? Luckily, Quality Logo Products® has custom backpack coolers to lend a hand.

    One of the best things about personalized backpack coolers is that no matter what industry you or your customers are in, there’s no doubt they’ll find these unique promos useful. Whether you’re purchasing for a teacher who loves to plan picnics or a truck driver who eats their meals on the go, backpack coolers with logo are the way to go.

    Even if you’re looking for a thoughtful employee appreciation gift, promotional backpack coolers should be at the top of your list. When your team members go to the big game over the weekend and need a way to transport their snacks, they’ll reach for this convenient cooler. Your brand name will go along with them through all of their adventures!

    Perfect for day trips, custom backpack coolers will keep your hands free so you can spend more time doing what you love. Whether you’re hiking or rocking out at a music festival, being able to move around freely while still carrying your necessities is a requirement. With side pockets and front pockets, these backpacks have plenty of room for your most important items.

    With so many different styles ranging from drawstring to zip-up, it’s safe to say you’ll find everything you need at Quality Logo Products®. Plus, with our No Surprise Pricing®, you’ll never pay a hidden fee ever again. From our top-notch customer service to our lightning-fast shipping, you won’t look anywhere else. Give us a call today to get your very own customized backpack coolers!