Whether or not you love your job, there’s probably something about your personal work environment you wish was different. Maybe you’re lacking motivation; perhaps you’re tired of the same greasy foods you snack on every day; or maybe you wish you had better relationships with your colleagues. As office workers ourselves, many here at Quality Logo Products® have dealt with these issues one way or another, but over time we’ve found creative ways to make things a little more cheerful around the office—and more productive! For inspiration, check out the many tips, tricks, and ideas covered in these workplace-related articles:

Tips for improving your cubicle experience and increasing productivity:

1. Top 5 Ways to Prevent Cubicle Burnout Straight Out of ‘Office Space’ Anyone who’s watched Office Space knows that life in a cube can sometimes become monotonous and unproductive, unless you do something to spice things up a bit. Follow these guidelines to escape the office doldrums and stay sharp throughout the day.

2. Battling Eyestrain and Headaches? Here Are 5 Tricks to Keep Your Peepers Tip-Top Staring at a computer screen all day is bad for your eyes—but for many people, it’s also unavoidable. Here you’ll find some simple ways to reduce eyestrain and eliminate those headaches that come after long hours spent glued to the screen.

3. Expert Tips on How to be Creative Creativity is one of the most sought after qualities for leaders in the workplace. No matter what your line of work, you can find inspiration and make a positive impression on your colleagues. Check out the different ways you can build a better work environment and find your muse at the office.

4. Monday Sucks! Here’s 10 Ways to Make it Suck Less Do Mondays depress you? Lucky for you, this article is chock-full of ways to beat those early-week downers and start looking forward to the days ahead. Plus, many of these pointers also work on any day of the week when you might be dragging.

5. 7 Motivational Tips from Pop-Punk Bands Motivating yourself isn’t always easy. So to get energized, this article offers inspiration through the lyrics of pop-punk songs. Even if the music isn’t your thing, there’s a lot to learn here that could help you push through those last hours of the day or give you the encouragement you need to finish a project.

6. Why an Organized Desk Increases Productivity If you’re still feeling unmotivated, this article offer desk organizing tips for that extra boost. Did you know that adding plants to your office can impact your productivity? Check out the article to learn more and see the rest of the suggestions.

7. Motivational Songs: QLP Favorites to Brighten Your Day. Sometimes the best way to stay energized is to listen to great music. But if you’re not sure what to rock out to, look no further: this article collects all the favorite motivational songs of Quality Logo Products®’s Cubeville for your ultimate listening enjoyment.

Tips for building better relationships with your coworkers

8. Team Building Exercises Break employees out of their shell with fun improv exercises sure to inspire endless office jokes. All you need is a group of willing participants and a wide, open space and watch as your employees show off their quick wits and unique senses of humor.

9. Do You Suffer from Attitude Parasitism? Do you know someone who has a bad attitude at work? Do you sometimes feel like it’s rubbing off on you? This article will help you identify the symptoms of attitude parasitism and explains how to deal with coworkers who might be “infected.”

10. 10 Cubicle Commandments Every office with cubicles knows the struggle of sharing close spaces while trying to work harmoniously together. We offer ten commandments for keeping the peace around the workplace and getting through your 40 hours without feeling annoyed by your co-workers.

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