10 Articles to Help Improve Your Work Environment

Whether or not you love your job, there’s probably something about your personal work environment you wish was different. Maybe you’re lacking motivation; perhaps you’re tired of the same greasy foods you snack on every day; or maybe you wish you had better relationships with your colleagues. As office workers ourselves, many here at QLP have dealt with these issues one way or another, but over time we’ve found creative ways to make things a little cheerier around the office—and more productive! For inspiration, check out the many tips, tricks, and ideas covered in these workplace-related articles:

Tips for improving your cubicle experience and increasing productivity:

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Cubicle Burnout Straight Out of ‘Office Space’1. Top 5 Ways to Prevent Cubicle Burnout Straight Out of ‘Office Space’ Anyone who’s watched Office Space knows that life in a cube can sometimes become monotonous and unproductive, unless you do something to spice things up a bit. Follow these guidelines to escape the office doldrums and stay sharp throughout the day.

Battling Eyestrain and Headaches? Here Are 5 Tricks to Keep Your Peepers Tip-Top2. Battling Eyestrain and Headaches? Here Are 5 Tricks to Keep Your Peepers Tip-Top Staring at a computer screen all day is bad for your eyes—but for many people, it’s also unavoidable. Here you’ll find some simple ways to reduce eyestrain and eliminate those headaches that come after long hours spent glued to the screen.

Top 8 Healthy Foods to Curb Hunger in Cubeville3. Top 8 Healthy Foods to Curb Hunger in Cubeville If you’re looking to stock your space with treats but want to stay healthy, try these suggestions. Snacks range from popcorn to wasabi peas, with more ideas in the comments. Eating right will keep you healthy and give you more energy.

Monday Sucks! Here’s 10 Ways to Make it Suck Less4. Monday Sucks! Here’s 10 Ways to Make it Suck Less Do Mondays depress you? Lucky for you, this article is chock-full of ways to beat those early-week downers and start looking forward to the days ahead. Plus, many of these pointers also work on any day of the week when you might be dragging.

7 Motivational Tips from Pop-Punk Bands5. 7 Motivational Tips from Pop-Punk Bands Motivating yourself isn’t always easy. So to get energized, this article offers inspiration through the lyrics of pop-punk songs. Even if the music isn’t your thing, there’s a lot to learn here that could help you push through those last hours of the day or give you the encouragement you need to finish a project.

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Workplace Productivity6. 4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Workplace Productivity If you’re still feeling unmotivated, this article offers even more tips for that extra boost. Did you know that adding plants to your office can impact your productivity? Check out the article to learn more and see the rest of the suggestions.

Motivational Songs: QLP Favorites to Brighten Your Day7. Motivational Songs: QLP Favorites to Brighten Your Day, Pt 1 and Pt 2 Sometimes the best way to stay energized is to listen to great music. But if you’re not sure what to rock out to, look no further: this article collects all the favorite motivational songs of QLP’s Cubeville for your ultimate listening enjoyment. Don’t forget to check out Part 2!

Tips for building better relationships with your coworkers:

The Dos and Don’ts of New Employee Orientation, According to ‘Fringe’8. The Dos and Don’ts of New Employee Orientation, According to ‘Fringe’ Adjusting to fresh faces in the workplace can sometimes be difficult, both for current employees and for the new guy or gal. By using an episode of FOX’s Fringe as a guide, this article discusses how to make the new employee orientation process smooth and successful for all parties involved.

Do You Suffer from Attitude Parasitism?9. Do You Suffer from Attitude Parasitism? Do you know someone who has a bad attitude at work? Do you sometimes feel like it’s rubbing off on you? This article will help you identify the symptoms of attitude parasitism and explains how to deal with coworkers who might be “infected.”

Bags and Bubba: Team Building at Quality Logo Products [VIDEO]10. Bags and Bubba: Team Building at Quality Logo Products [VIDEO] If you want to get to know your coworkers better, any team building exercise is a great idea—especially a bags tournament! And that’s exactly what QLP did during the summer months not long ago. To glean ideas for your own team building activity, read up on how we had fun and at the same time learned a lot about each other.

So there you have it: a ton of great ways to make your work environment a better place! Do you have more suggestions for improving life in a cubicle? What do you do to give your productivity a boost? How have you formed solid relationships with your coworkers?

Rachel Hamsmith

When not writing for the blog, Rachel is a data entry specialist at QLP. She spends most of her free time consuming a variety of geeky TV shows, movies, and books, as well as funny cat videos and other Internet oddities. Otherwise, she moonlights as an editor for a literary magazine and tries to spend as much quality time as she can with friends and family. You can also connect with Rachel on Google+.


  1. Lauren

    Wow all my favorite blog posts in one convienent spot!!! Thanks Rachel!

    • Rachel

      No problem! Happy to help! 🙂

  2. Cybernetic SAM

    Yes! 1-10 complete! Although there should be a suggestion to bring in a gaudy brass framed masterpiece painting (much like one you would hang above a fireplace) and put in your cube, it adds a much needed home element! 🙂

    • Rachel

      Hah! Having seen the lovely masterpiece painting hanging in your cube, I’d agree that it definitely adds a flair of homey-ness. 😉 Good idea!

  3. Mandy Kilinskis

    I still keep forgetting to do some of Jen’s tips from the second article. So thanks for the reminder – my eyes appreciate it!

    Excellent compilation of articles here, Rachel! I definitely needed some motivators for powering through slow days!

    • Rachel

      I totally need to remember to more of those eyestrain tricks, too! Glad you found some helpful reminders here — and thanks! 🙂

  4. amy

    I had my orange today when the mid-morning munchies made themselves known 😉

    This afternoon I think I’ll be playing some songs from Candice’s article on Cubeville motivational songs. It’ll just what I need to power through the rest of Thursday!

    Thanks for compiling all these articles Rachel into one quick, easy place 🙂

    Ps I think this winter we should definitely do a snowball fight a la the bags tournament this past summer hahaha

    • Rachel

      Good to see you’re following your own advice with the healthy snacks! 🙂 And those motivational songs are always a good choice. As for the snowball fight … as I kid I always cried when people threw snow in my face, but maybe it’d be more fun as an adult, haha … or perhaps shield myself with a hockey mask! 😉

      • amy

        With some of our more “competitive” employees, maybe a snowball fight wouldn’t be the best idea 😉 Snow angel contest maybe? Best hot cocoa contest? These may be better suited for QLP.

  5. Jenna Markowski

    Thanks for putting all of these tips into a convenient list, Rachel! I’ve been riding the struggle bus today trying to stay motivated, so these all helped! (Minus Mandy’s Monday blog making me crave Egg McMuffins like nobody’s business.) But I’ve been listening to upbeat music all day, and I also find that it helps to take a break and discuss adorable puppies and stuffed animals with your co-workers! 😀

    • Rachel

      Adorable puppies and stuffed animals always make the day brighter!!!! Speaking of, I guess it’s time to check out all the new pictures of cute animals on the QLP Facebook page for the TAILS Humane Society donation … it’s been too long since I’ve squee’d at kitties, haha. Glad the list helped you get motivated today!

  6. Amanda

    Great post Rachel! This makes it easy to find these tips again, if we need them!
    I love all of these blogs–they can help make work life more enjoyable! =)
    Rock on office workers of QLP, rock on indeed!

  7. Jill Tooley

    I really like the selection you’ve chosen, Rachel! These are all quality articles that would benefit anyone who needs a bit of lightheartedness in the workplace. 🙂

    Thanks so much for featuring my attitude parasitism article in the mix! It’s kind of an “oldie” but it’s still a goodie. I have to go back and look at everyone’s favorite songs again…it’s Friday so I could use some perking up.

    Nice job!!

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