Based on the title of this post, you may have gathered that I don’t know a whole lot about sports. You’re right. The most I’ve ever written about sports is when I wrote about Space Jam, so I’m not even going to pretend to be qualified to write this blog post. However, I do have access to the internet, so I’m not totally oblivious to this big basketball thing. According to my research (a quick Google search of “When is March Madness?” and “What is March Madness?”), March Madness begins today, and ends on April 8.

Further research led me to a very long Wikipedia article that I did not have the strength to read, but from what I’ve gathered, March Madness is the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. Some guy here at the office took the whole week off, so it must be a pretty big deal. He’s probably going to be pretty upset when he reads this blog post next Monday.

Anywho, whether you’re filling out your bracket based on actual knowledge of the game and teams, or just based on which uniforms you like the best, you’ll love these basketball-themed promo items! Now, please bear with me as I attempt to describe these products to you using the very limited basketball vocabulary I learned in high school gym class.

Basketball Clapper


When you’re cheering on your favorite team (or cheering for whichever team you bet money on, or the team your significant other is cheering for, or the team opposite the one with really ugly uniforms that you want to lose), you can have noise reinforcements with these fun clappers. Whether you’re a die-hard fan cheering on your favorite team or you’re just at the party for the drinks and your hands are getting tired of clapping, you can cheer on with these noisemakers.

Basketball Drawstring Backpack


These fun backpacks are a basketball-themed giveaway that you can use all year around. Just because March Madness is only a couple of weeks out of the year, doesn’t mean you’re only a basketball fan for a couple of weeks. Or does it? Again – I really don’t know anything about sports. But I’m assuming if you’re into March Madness you’re a basketball fan all year around, and you’d love to get your hands on these basketball drawstring bags!

Basketball Schedule Magnet

Basketball Schedule Magnet

Maybe you’ve decided to skip having a party at home and you’re headed out to your favorite sports bar to catch the game. How cool would it be if your local sports bar handed out these basketball magnets with the game days and specials in honor of March Madness? Seriously, how cool would it be? Please let me know. Sure, I think it’d be cool, but what do I know?

Mini Basketball and Hoop Set


If you’re a fan of basketball, then surely you’ve imagined yourself playing as well as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, or LeBron James. (Yes, I am fully aware that none of those players will be competing in March Madness, but they are the only basketball players’ names I know. Give me a break!) You can practice your dunking skills at home or in the office with this fun mini basketball hoop.


Basketball Rubber Duck

These fun toys can either be used as little knick-knacks to display around the house or your little ones can play with them when it’s bath time. If you’re hoping your little one will grow up to be a person who knows what March Madness is, then these basketball rubber duckies are a great place to start! These basketball ducks will also make a unique addition to your rubber duck collection, if that’s a thing that you have.

HydroPouch! Basketball Collapsible Water Bottle

HydroPouch! Basketball Collapsible Water Bottle

Need to stay hydrated in order to keep up with the games every night? Or maybe you’re plannin’ on shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school and need to stay hydrated while you play. Either way these collapsible basketball shaped water bottles are right up your alley. You can show your love for basketball all year around with these sports bottles.

Basketball Can Holder


Whether you’re watching the games alone like that guy I mentioned who stayed home from work all week or gathered around a big screen with friends, drinks are most likely going to be consumed while you watch. These unique can koozies are perfect for keeping your drinks cold while you watch the game.

Basketball Cow Bell


Here’s another noise-maker that will come in handy while you’re cheering (or swearing) at your TV. If your March Madness party needs more cow bell, and let’s face it – it does, then you’ve come to the right place. These cow bells are painted like a basketball and are guaranteed to be a slam dunk (Boom! Basketball reference!) with basketball fans young and old.

Basketball Bottle Opener


Correct me if I’m wrong, but booze plays a pretty big role in any March Madness party, right? You can be the best party host in town when you’ve got basketball-shaped bottle openers to go with the cold brews at your March Madness party. Pair these with some basketball can holders for the ultimate b-ball party. There won’t be any party fouls on your watch when you’ve got these drinking buddies on hand.

Basketball Stress Reliever

And last, but certainly not least, we have basketball stress balls! When the clock is ticking and you’re anxiously waiting for Air Bud to score the winning basket as the buzzer sounds, you’re probably going to be pretty stressed. Oh, wait…I just looked it up. Apparently Air Bud is not actually a basketball player. Regardless, check out this video to see our all-star basketball stress relievers in action!

Whether you know the ins and outs of the game and all of the stats for every team and player, or if the extent of your basketball knowledge is the song “That’s How I Beat Shaq” by Aaron Carter, you can get in on the March Madness fun with these promo items! And now that this blog post is over, we can leave the twilight zone and go back to a world where I don’t write about sports. WOO! SPORTS!

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