Do you have a personal assistant you can’t live without? How about a secretary that makes your life easier? Show these hardworking employees how much they’re valued with custom gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Here are 10 excellent gift ideas to get you started. And as a bonus…each of these items can be personalized with a heartfelt message or your business’s logo!

When is Administrative Professionals’ Day?

administrative professional at her desk

Administrative Professionals’ Day is the first Wednesday in the first full week of April. It’s the perfect time to show your admin team how much you appreciate their hard work.

How Can I Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day?

celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day

There are many great ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day. Set up a donut breakfast in the office, host a Saturday cookout, or if you have a remote team, mail out custom gifts along with a handwritten note.

As of 2022, about 65% of employees are satisfied with their jobs. This number will stay consistent or even improve if you go out of your way to celebrate holidays like Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Best Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals’ Day is around the corner, and you need to find the perfect gifts for your employees. Your team is sure to love any of these custom gifts!

1. Manicure Gift Sets

custom manicure sets

A secretary filing her nails at her desk is a huge stereotype. Still, that doesn’t mean your admin professionals will turn down a manicure set, complete with scissors and a nail file. A basic manicure at a salon costs around $20, so this is a gift idea for Administrative Professionals’ Day that will keep your team looking professional and save them money in the long run!

2. Luxury Pens

engraved luxury pens

Write like a boss by picking up luxury pens! Brands like Waterman, Parker, and Cross are more expensive, but they make up for it with long-lasting ink and a high-end look. Put these custom pens in gift boxes and give them to your team in honor of Administrative Professionals’ Day!

3. Custom Candles

custom candles

25% of the workforce in the United States currently works at home full-time. Bring Zen to their workspace by giving out custom scented candles as employee appreciation gifts. Your admin team will feel tranquility and peace when they use them to decorate their home offices.

4. Personalized Chocolate

personalized chocolate

Mmm, you got to love chocolate! Give your team sweet treats for Administrative Professionals’ Day. A personalized box of bonbons, a classic chocolate bar with a custom wrapper, or printed M&Ms in a glass jar are gifts that will be appreciated by everyone.

5. Custom Coffee Mugs

custom coffee mugs

You can’t get a workweek without a cup (or five) of piping hot coffee! In fact, the average American drinks just over 3 cups of coffee every single day. Your admin team will feel nice and caffeinated if you hand out personalized mugs as gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day. Print something cute on front so they start their morning with a smile.

6. Custom Desk Plants

custom desk plants

Studies show that indoor plants boost your mood and alleviate stress. With that in mind, custom plants are some of the best gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day! They’re especially great for receptionists who greet customers since they spruce up the lobby area.

7. Embroidered Sherpa Blankets

embroidered Sherpa blankets

Administrative Professionals’ Day is in the spring when the weather’s still kind of chilly. For that reason, you can’t go wrong with personalized Sherpa blankets as appreciation gifts for your employees. Your staff can keep these cozy blankets right on their desk chairs.

8. Wireless Charger/Speakers

custom wireless chargers

Your administrative professionals will get in the zone if they receive custom Bluetooth speakers that also double as wireless chargers. Round out the gift with a few audiobooks or with a custom playlist that you put together ahead of time.

9. Personalized Wine Tumblers

personalized wine tumblers

About 75% of adults like drinking wine, which makes wine tumblers absolutely genius appreciation gifts. These cups are not only insulated to keep your vino cold, but they also have a lid on top to reduce spills. Print a funny wine glass saying on the front like “Let’s Wine About It” or “On Cloud Wine.”

10. Custom Wireless Headphones

custom wireless headphones

Your admin team will need to block out distractions at times so they can focus on a task. Make the process easier by giving out noise-cancelling wireless headphones as gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day. If you can, try to find a pair with a mic so they can also use them to take phone calls. Stylish and efficient? Yes, please!

Who Are Administrative Professionals?

who are administrative professionals

Administrative professionals are employees who greet clients and make them feel welcome. They handle day-to-day tasks like filing reports, ordering office supplies, updating databases, scheduling appointments, and answering phone calls.

The following job titles are considered administrative professionals:

  • Secretaries
  • Administrative assistants
  • Executive assistants
  • Personal assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Client services reps

Overall, admin pros help keep a business running! You should show them how much you value their hard work with the best employee appreciation gifts.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to give out corporate gifts. Administrative Professionals’ Day is your chance to randomly do something nice. Go that extra mile and show how much you value your team’s hard work!


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