It probably won’t surprise you to know that about half of Americans make resolutions at the start of every new year and that the number one resolution for the past year was “Lose Weight” (with “Staying Fit and Healthy” at number five). If a resolution for your business is to keep your brand fit and healthy, it might be time to look at how you can attract these resolution-makers to you.

While gyms and fitness centers see a spike in memberships around the new year, lots of members drop off come mid-February. One way to add an incentive for members to stick with it and keep paying their gym dues is to make sure customers are equipped with something that will help them succeed or make their workouts more fun.

We’ve rounded up some of the best products that your new and returning members will love to get that will help them stick with the program and with your business. They’re also helpful to show off your logo on their off days, too (after all, that sweaty laundry has to make it to the laundromat somehow and we’ve got just the gym bag to get it there).

Our top-ten list might not get your heart in the calorie-burning zone, but it will definitely get your mind racing about your next marketing idea (might want to stretch first).

Stress Ball

Fun and friendly-looking, these Fitness Man Bert stress balls are a perfect way to introduce yourself to new customers. These are a fast, easy, affordable “Welcome to the club!” giveaway that will put a friendly face to your brand. Plus, squeezing them enough might count as a hand workout.


And not just any pedometer. A 3D Bluetooth Pedometer. Wearable tech continues to grow as a popular way to track fitness goals, but it’s not all Apple Watches and Fitbits. These pedometers offer you an affordable, custom way to help your clients track their fitness goals including steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. Everyone from seasoned gym rats to New Years newbies to dedicated 5k runners will love this addition to their fitness routine.

Fitness Shaker

No, not a knock-off Shake Weight (shudder). The Fitness Shaker is a fast and easy way to get a blast of protein shake goodness before or after a workout. A scoop of protein power plus water, milk, or other liquid of choice all added to a durable plastic bottle with a mixer ball – shake and you’ve got yourself a snack! Customers will love having an easy, hassle-free way to get their
protein fix on the go.

Yoga Mat

Not everyone is about running for miles on the treadmill, climbing endless stairs, and getting shredded with free weights. For your clients who prefer their exercise routines to be a little more flexible, this yoga mat comes with a carry case and convenient strap. If you want to welcome people to your yoga studio or promote your new yoga class, these yoga mats are a great way to get your customers excited about flexibility, strength, meditation, and practicing poses with great names like “baby cobra.”

Armband Phone Case

Anyone who’s spent any time working out at all will tell you that it’s easier and more fun to get your sweat on when you’re listening to your favorite playlist, podcast, or NPR show. The Armband Phone Case keeps phones from bouncing off treadmills and ruining that runner’s high.  And if your clients like to hit the pavement in places besides the track at your facility, it means they can sport your logo all over their neighborhood or local running trail.

Water Bottle

The number one rule of a good workout session (besides ‘lift with your legs’) is probably ‘stay hydrated.’ Make it easy for your customers to stay comfortable and quenched with a customized water bottle. Available in tons of fun colors, durable, and super affordable, these will get carried to the gym and beyond – think festivals, concerts, community fairs, sporting events, and plenty of other places where people will be sure to spot your brand name or logo.

Fitness Journal

Health and fitness are about more than just hitting the weights as hard as you can. Tracking meals and exercise can be a great way to help make weight loss and healthy living resolutions stick. Sure, there are some phone apps that allow you to track your movement and log your meals, but food and fitness journals provide an easy way to quickly track progress. They also have space to write goals, plans, and frustrations, and studies have shown that the act of writing things down solidifies goals and increases memory. Science wants you to buy journals for your clients, really.

Gym Bag

When it comes to gym bags, you’ve got options. We’re all about anything that’s bright, big enough, and sporting some extra features like a water bottle holder or additional pockets. The Lynx Sports Bag is big enough for a change of clothes, shoes, gear, water bottle, and more, while the Tri-Color Sports Pack is perfect for your gym clothes, iPod, and quenching electrolyte beverage. They’re both durable enough to get tons of use outside of the gym too, meaning your logo can count on taking lots of trips – long commutes, college classes, weekend road trips, and carry-on airplane rides just to name a few.

Sports Towel

Working up a good sweat is one of the most satisfying parts of any workout. Getting bacteria-filled sweat all over your equipment is, well, kinda gross. Help your hardworking clients keep their sweat to themselves (and out of their eyes – that’s annoying) with a high-quality sports towel. These even come in their own customized plastic tube for easy carrying or transport in a gym bag. Super soft and absorbent, your customers won’t want to work out without it.

Shirt or Hoodie

Clothing, like t-shirts, is the perfect giveaway for gyms, fitness centers, and exercise classes for a few simple reasons. They’re easily customized and easy to store if you order in bulk – meaning you’ll always have extras in the back room to give to newbies. Plus, nobody wants to work out in their everyday clothes, so you can help them start a gym-specific wardrobe.  If it’s a high-quality item, like the Rhodes Fleece Kanga Hoody, it might even make it out of the laundry basket and into the non-gym-clothes rotation, which means more people will see your brand.

If your business isn’t home to treadmills and pilates classes, you’re in luck. Gyms don’t have the monopoly on catering to people’s number one resolution! There are plenty of ways other businesses can get in on the interest in fitness featuring some of these custom giveaways. Here are some ways to promote healthy living, no matter what your business:

  • Host wellness fairs at your company and encourage employees to get in shape. You can ask local vendors – like chiropractors and health food stores – to participate and give your employees a gift that will help them stay motivated and on track, like a gym bag or a fitness journal.
  • Encourage your social media followers to show off all the ways they’re getting healthy in the new year. Make sure to have them tag their resolutions and pictures with a hashtag your company can track, and choose a participant at random to win some fun fitness goodies.
  • If space and climate allow, start a community garden at your office or work building. Planting, tending to, and harvesting fresh grown herbs and veggies is a great way to encourage local eating, team work, and healthy, active living. Give participants branded tote bags to bring the harvest home in!

It’s not too late to make sure your brand is involved in helping your customers, employees, or clients reach their goals. Whether you want to get in on the resolution making at the start of the new calendar year or want to encourage healthy living and fitness before summertime 5k and swimming season, a custom item from your brand might be what helps your clients stick to their changes.

About the author

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is a promo expert with over three years of experience in the industry. Her passion for writing has led to a BA in English & Communications from Aurora University and work published for the Advertising Specialty Institute and The Bolingbrook Sun Times.