A bold and memorable logo is important for generating new business and attracting return customers. As a promotional products company, we have seen our fair share of poorly designed logos. If you want to market your business by placing your logo on one of our promotional products or by designing print and online materials, you’ll need graphic design skills. Beginners and established artists alike can benefit from online resources created for graphic designers.

Thankfully, there are endless amounts of resources online for graphic designers at any level. Whether you need inspiration, want to learn a new skill, or are eager to show off your talent, the internet is teeming with blogs and guides.

To help you get started on creating a new logo for your start-up or giving your current logo a facelift, we have compiled a list of helpful graphic design blogs that you should start reading.

1. Adobe Creative Magazine

Why it rocks: Also available as an app, Adobe Creative Magazine is a go-to for graphic designers who need inspiration, tutorials, and information regarding the latest trends. Hone your skills by getting involved in popular design challenges or get helpful tips for working in Photoshop. Regardless of if you’re looking for a bold new font or wondering about the history of emojis, Adobe Creative Magazine is your ultimate resource.

2. Canva’s Design School

Why it rocks: You may have heard of Canva’s Design School for its free online design tutorials, however, they also recently created a blog to serve and connect the creative community. From guides to designing book covers to clever 404 page designs, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration. Learn from established graphic designers or connect with up-and-coming artists all in one place!

3. AIGA Eye on Design

Why it rocks: AGIA Eye on Design not only features the latest creative work of emerging artists and reports on recent design trends, but it even runs a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to advocate for artists! Created AGIA, by the professional association for design, Eye on Design provides its readers with a myriad of categories and series to quench your thirst for graphic design knowledge.

4. High on Design

Why it rocks: The creators of Wix have recently branched out and created a blog dedicated to design. You’ll want to take advantage of free tutorials, read interviews with innovative artists, and get book recommendations. If you’re building a personal brand, or seeking advice for showing your work to critics, High on Design has the material you need to become a successful graphic designer.

5. Creative Bloq

Why it rocks: Currently standing as one of the most popular platforms for creative professionals, the Creative Bloq is filled with the latest news, buying guides and inspiration. Stay in-the-know when it comes to updated sports logos, movie logos, and sales on design software. Hear what the experts have to say about the best web hosting services, or where you can get free fonts all at Creative Bloq.

6. Site Point

Why it rocks: Are you an entrepreneur looking to learn about the latest design trends or wanting to teach yourself a new skill like JavaScript? Site Point has the materials you need to succeed. Get tips on how to build your online graphic design portfolio or learn how to grow your online brand. Site Point also includes a subscription service that gives you access to e-books and the latest content.

7. Inspiration Grid

Why it rocks: Do you want to know what the leaders in design trends are up to? Inspiration Grid is the go-to for learning about what creative pioneers are up to. Filter thousands of blogs by specific categories you’re interested in, such as advertising, logo design, and technology. If you’re looking to design a logo for packaging or in need of creative lettering designs, you’ll find that and more on Inspiration Grid.

8. Women of Graphic Design

Why it rocks: If you’re a woman in the industry or looking to know more about how you can support female designers, Women of Graphic Design is a source of learning, community, and discussion for all artists. Celebrating the contributions women have made to graphic design, this blog is source of inspiration for projects related to gender and diversity.

9. Smashing Magazine

Why it rocks: If you’re looking for conferences, workshops, or networking opportunities Smashing Magazine is an excellent resource. Read case studies, get helpful tips, and expand your knowledge with a plethora of how-to guides. Each post tells you how many minutes it will take you to read, ideal for fitting a good read into your busy schedule!

10. Creative Overflow

Why it rocks: Eccentric designers will love Creative Overflow for its community of artists coming together. You’ll find the latest design resources, tutorials, and inspiration to enhance your artistic flow. If you’re in a creative slump and need motivation to start a new project or you want to contribute a guest blog post, you can find exactly what you need on Creative Overflow.

As you can see, there is no shortage of resources to help you flex your creative muscles. Learn new design tricks, watch tutorials, or share your work with any of these blogs at your fingertips.

After you’ve created an attention-worthy logo for your brand, spread the word by placing it on promotional products for business like pens and custom t-shirts. Get started on your artistic journey by checking out these awesome sites!

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