10 Housewarming Gifts for Realtors

  1. Cutting board
  2. Key holder
  3. Picture frame
  4. Throw blanket
  5. Herb growing kit
  6. Welcome mat
  7. Mini toolkit
  8. Bluetooth speaker
  9. First aid kit
  10. Grill set

As a realtor, you get to experience all the ups and downs that come with finding and purchasing a new home. Throughout this process you get to know your clients, their family, kids, and their likes and dislikes. When a client finally finds the home that checks all their boxes, you’ve officially done your job.

Whether your clients are first-time home buyers, a large family, or a retired couple, giving a housewarming gift is a thoughtful gesture and a “thank you” for their business. Better yet, personalizing your housewarming presents with your name and contact information is a great way to keep you in mind to refer to friends and family.

If you need ideas for real estate promotional items and housewarming gifts to give to clients, I’ve got you covered with some inspiration below!

1. Cutting Board

Cutting board

A cutting board can be a unique housewarming gift for your clients. The cutting boards can be small and decorative, or large and handy. There are a variety of cutting board types you can choose from including wood, plastic, slate, or marble.

Some have conversion charts, cutting grids, or handles to make them extra useful. You can also add your logo to the board to personalize it!

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

From slicing up vegetables for dinner to serving meats and cheese at a party, having a cutting board handy is ideal. Your clients will love having an extra cutting board available when they serve their first Thanksgiving meal in their new home!

2. Key Holders

Key holder

Your clients are going to need somewhere to put their brand-new house keys, so gift them with a keyholder. You can get a metal key rack to put next to the garage door, or a spare key holder disguised as a rock! Add a note inside with a custom message for your clients and your contact information.

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

Keyholders are a clever gift that a homeowner can put to use right away. Staying organized during the move-in process is challenging enough, so give your clients one less thing to worry about by helping them organize their keys.

3. Picture Frame

Picture frame

Whether it’s your client’s first home or their third, a picture frame can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf to hold a cherished memory. The picture frame can even hold a photo to serve as a reminder of the day they closed on their new home! You can engrave a message such as “Welcome Home” on the picture frame, or add your business logo.

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

Picture frames can go on walls or shelves and can easily be personalized with a favorite photo. A new homeowner would appreciate a new frame to display their kids, pets, family, or a memory from a recent vacation.

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4. Throw Blanket

throw blankets

A throw blanket is a truly versatile housewarming present. Your clients can use it to decorate a couch, take on a picnic, or to keep overnight guests warm and comfortable. There are different sizes, colors, and materials to consider when picking a throw, so choose something your clients will love! Consider embroidering your logo to add a personal touch to your gift.

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

What new homeowner wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a cozy new blanket after a day of heavy lifting and unpacking? A throw blanket is an ideal way to help your clients unwind and get comfortable in their new abode.

5. Herb Growing Kit

herb growing kit

Add a touch of green to your new homeowner’s kitchen or garden with these herb growing kits! Fresh herbs are great for cooking in their brand new kitchen or for drying and jarring. This useful gift will surely put a smile on your client’s face, especially with a personalized design or message!

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

Whether your clients plan to grow a garden or decorate with houseplants, herbs are easy to grow and can be used to add flavor to meals. Get a basil or oregano plant for pizza lovers, or rosemary that goes great with chicken.

6. Welcome Mat

welcome mat

Nobody wants guests with dirty shoes walking all over their house, especially if they just moved in. An indoor or outdoor welcome mat is a great idea for new homeowners and can add some color to their doorway! Brighten your client’s day by adding a cheerful message of custom design on your welcome mat gift.

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

A small but necessary item such as a welcome mat can easily be overlooked during the countless trips to Home Depot and Walmart, which is why homeowners will love it. Sometimes multiple welcome mats are needed for front or back doors, or even in the garage. Having an extra on hand is super useful!

7. Mini Toolkit

Tools can be expensive and take up lot of space in a new home. Mini tools are both cost-effective and won’t need an entire shelf. A mini toolkit can be used for those small projects around the house new homeowners are likely to encounter. Print your business information on the toolbox along with your design or brand.

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

Sometimes lugging out the heavy toolbox for a small task is just a hassle. A new homeowner will appreciate a mini toolkit they can keep nearby. For things like tightening loose screws or a quick measurement for new curtains, this gift is a winner.

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8. Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers make a popular gift because your clients can take them anywhere! Tech gifts are popular with kids, families, and couples of any age, so regardless of who your client is, they will put a wireless speaker to good use. Make a speaker more personal by customizing it with your custom design!

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

Portable speakers can be used during a trip to the beach, a picnic, or lounging in the backyard. Music in the background is great for relaxing or entertaining, and new homeowners will certainly appreciate having smart technology on hand for any occasion.

9. First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Sometimes practicality is best when giving a gift. While a first aid kit may not be the first housewarming gift you think of, it is a necessity to have in case of emergencies. Should your client ever need a first aid kit, they will breathe a sigh of relief that they have one handy. If you place your logo on the kit, they’ll also have your information handy for referrals.

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

There is nothing scarier than not being prepared in an emergency. From clumsy children to accidents while cooking, there are a number of scenarios in which a first aid kit can be useful. New homeowners will be thankful for such a practical gift to have just in case.

10. Grill Set

Grill set

Grilling is a summer staple and an easy way to entertain and cook for a lot of people. Gifting your clients with a grill set is a great idea for outdoor loving homeowners. You can even get one that is designed to be taken on-the-go for camping or tailgating. Customize this gift by adding your own design to the handles on the tools or on the case!

Why the Homeowners Will Love it:

It’s easy to pull out the grill and throw on a couple burgers for dinner, but it isn’t as easy to find quality grilling tools. Homeowners will certainly appreciate a grill set to be able to cook and keep their grill clean. Having the right tools for a cookout makes all the difference!

Honorable Mentions

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Why You Should Give a Housewarming Gift

After spending nights and weekends finding the right house for your clients, it is important to thank them for choosing to work with you. Leaving a lasting impression on the new homeowners will also help to keep you in mind the next time they or someone they know needs a realtor. In fact, 74% of home buyers would use their agent again or recommend them to others.

A great housewarming gift can also serve as a marketing effort to secure that referral. By customizing an item with your logo or contact information, your clients can easily refer you to a friend or reach out again in the future!

The next time you have a closing, consider bringing one of the housewarming gift ideas we picked out to truly leave a lasting positive impression.


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