It’s that time again – time to see which promotional products QLP’s customers fell for in the month of February!

Last month, the Round Stress Reliever came out swinging (as much as a ball can swing, anyway) in its bid to steal the title of Most Popular Product of the Year from the Cinch Up Drawstring Backpack. How did the rivalry play out this month? Did any new items make their ways into the hearts of promo products proponents?

It’s time to find out! Here are QLP’s 10 bestselling promotional products for February 2016:

Look at that! Once the Round Stress Reliever gets on a roll, there’s no stopping it. In fact, all of the top four items (my friend Roundy, the Cinch Up Drawstring Backpack, the Adhesive Sticky Note Pads, and the medium Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag) are in the exact same spots they were in last month. Hey, Quality Logo Products®’ customers know what they like!

Beyond that, we’ve got Promotional Lip Balm and Rubberized Sunglasses on the list in the 5th and 7th spots, respectively. It’s no surprise to me to see people buying sunglasses and lip balm in February. After all, Build a Better Trade Show Week happens every year around this time, and these items make great trade show giveaways!

What else did I notice this month? All the writing instruments: the Krypton Pen in 6th place, the Custom Pencils in 8th, and the Hedgehog Pen in 9th. There were so many that it was kinda hard to miss them! Put together with the 10th place Brain Stress Reliever, they make me think that everyone’s working hard to sharpen their minds and get creative in 2016. And here I’ve just been sitting around and squeezing my polyurethane toes all month.

We’ll see if there’s a big shakeup in the top items next month. For now, it’s time for…

The QLP Monthly Trend Alert!

Never mind what the people in the office always tell me around 8:30 in the morning – there’s never a bad time for a party. Whether you’re already thinking about your springtime festivals, or you’re planning something more immediate like a St. Patrick’s Day shindig, we think you’ll love the three pieces of custom drinkware on this month’s Trend Alert: the German Boot Cup, the Fish Bowl Cup With Straw, and the Yard Cup with Straw.

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Get ready to give the competition the boot! Or, you know, just give a custom boot to your customers. You don’t have wait for Oktoberfest to enjoy the German Boot Cup. This 30-ounce cup is great for all sorts of themed get-togethers, from pirate-themed events to motorcycle rallies. As anyone who visits Chicago’s Christkindlmarket in the wintertime will tell you, a boot mug is a souvenir that people treasure. Your customers will kick up their heels once they get one of these! Note: beer not included.

Do you need a cup that’s larger than a boot? Don’t think that QLP can’t deliver. This Fish Bowl Cup With Straw hold a whopping 46 ounces of liquid (though we also have a 20-ounce version, if a drink bowl that holds over a liter of liquid isn’t quite what you’re looking for). If you’re throwing an island paradise wedding or birthday party, or your restaurant is looking for an eye-catching way to promote your new tropical drink specials, you can’t go wrong with a piece of drinkware that looks like it could hold a small animal. Note: fish not included. And please don’t put any real ones in here.

Back to the more manageably sized drinkware: the Yard Cup With Straw is the kind of cup that’s made to carry around a party. This 24-ounce cup not only is easy to hold thanks to its long shape; it’s also easy to drink from without spilling thanks to its straw and lid. It’s a great item for people hanging out at the bar (or the backyard lounge), watching the March Madness tournament. Note: yard not included.

Each piece of drinkware mentioned above is made from shatter-resistant plastic. So if you’re ready to shatter some sales records with one of our Trend Alert items, or if any of the items in our Top 10 list strikes your fancy, you can contact our fantabulous Quality Logo Products® sales representatives by phone (866-312-5646) or by email (

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