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10 Most Popular Promotional Products of January 2016

Hey, QLP fans! It sure has been a while since we took a look at our most popular promotional products, hasn’t it? You know it goes, though. December rolls around, and before you’ve even finished making your wishlist for Santa, the year is practically over. I only had two gallons of eggnog before 2015 ended – I don’t know how the time got away from me!

At the end of 2015, we declared the Cinch Up Drawstring Backpack the winner, the bestselling product of the year. How did it fare once we jumped into 2016? Have there been any new bestselling promo items giving it a run for its money?

It’s time to find out! Here are QLP’s 10 bestselling promotional products for January 2016:

All hail the Round Stress Reliever! You can’t keep a good roly-poly stress ball down, I always say. This is the product that almost always runs neck-and-neck with the Cinch Up Drawstring Backpack for 1st place. Looks like it’s starting the year off strong!

What else did we notice about January’s best sellers? Let’s see… no pencils this time around, but we did see two pens that are customer favorites, the Archer 2 Pen and the Hedgehog Pen, in 5th and 9th place, respectively. We also think this might be the first time in, like, ever that we’ve seen the Medium Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag on the list… but not its smaller cousin. Hey, go big or go home – and make sure you’ve got the right-sized tote bag to fit!

We’re happy to see people buying our Promotional Lip Balm and Rubberized Sunglasses (in 6th and 8th place, respectively). Good for you for taking care of those eyes and lips in winter weather! And although we’ve have cell phone wallets make the top 10 before, this is the first time we’ve seen this particular Silicone Cell Phone Sleeve, which makes a strong debut in 7th place.

Speaking of phones, cell phone accessories are still proving to be popular giveaways, as I’m sure we’ll see next month. For now, that brings me to…

The QLP Monthly Trend Alert!

Say, was your New Year’s resolution to get out more, to keep in touch with people better, or to take better pictures for people to enjoy on social media? If so, it’s never too late to put your phone to good use! This month, we have three products to make using your phone on the go even more fun: the Bluetooth Selfie Button, the Zing Power Bank with Digital Display, and the Paws N Claws Silicone Pocket.

Selfies! Okay, like any respectable human, you’re probably sick of the word. I’m a photogenic stress ball (seriously, have you ever seen a picture of me not smiling?), so I love it. No matter how you feel about it, the selfie is here to stay, and the Bluetooth Selfie Button will help your customers take amazing photos from any angle. They won’t be limited to overhead arm’s-length shots anymore! Don’t want to use the word selfie? Call this item a remote shutter release—photographers have been using those to get creative with their pictures for years. It’s a great giveaway for tourist spots!

No matter how you use your phone, it won’t be any fun to use if it runs out of power. That’s why we recommend carrying a power bank with you… but what if the power bank runs out of power, too? With the Zing Power Bank with Digital Display, you won’t have to worry. The digital display screen tells you exactly how much juice is left in the power bank, so you can step out of the house feeling confident that you’ll be able to recharge your mobile devices. Whew!

Most phone accessories are electronic gadgets themselves, full of wires and receivers and all that jazz. The Paws N Claws Silicone Pocket is an exception – a cute exception! It takes the convenience of silicone cell phone wallets (which have become super freakin’ popular with our customers in the past year) and puts an adorable animal face on it. Which animal? Well, the options range from a fluffy puppy to a tough-looking eagle to, um, a really calm cow, which makes this a good item for promoting all sorts of organizations, including animal shelters, zoos, environmental rights groups, and farms.

Interested in our top 10 promotional products? Do you need to get on the phone with someone right now about our Trend Alert? You can contact our wonderful Quality Logo Products® sales representatives by phone (866-312-5646), by email (, via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below.

What’s your favorite item in our top 10? Are you a selfie person? What do you think will be the next big promo product trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. David

    It’s not surprising to see these products up there on the top 10. Considering the “bang for your buck” that you are able to get from Quality Logo Products on each of these guys, your marketing dollars will go quite a ways.

    I like the battery power bank that is in the trend alert. Those things are really handy when golfing, running, hanging at the beach or traveling. Nothing makes a long flight go by quicker than a phone that won’t run out.

    One of my favorites is still the cell phone wallet. I like that they are changing it up with different animals and adding lots of personality to this very functional item.

  2. Chase

    Looking back on the last few years, it has been pretty cool to see how cell phone stands were the promo product to buy if you were aiming for cell phone convenience. Nowadays, we are seeing things lean more towards cell phone wallets and power banks, screen cleaners, and adapters. Makes me wonder what’s next?1? I can say this though, the person handing out the next new age electronic-accommodating promo products will more than likely have an edge over there competitors in terms of promo products.

  3. Ryan

    These are always fun to see! It’s no surprise that the round stress balls reigns supreme. You can’t run a business without stress, and with stress comes the little stress relieving ball of happiness 🙂 Cinch up bags always find a way to stay on the top of the list as well. Again, no surprise here. Cinch bags are a valuable way to advertise your brand. With a large imprint area these basically turn your customers into walking billboards. I am curious to see what kind of trends take over moving forward!

  4. Anthony

    Those power banks with digital display is actually really sweet! Countless times when you use a power bank like that, it’s hard to see that it’s actually dead until you try and charge it and there is no response. Even though they are only capable of one charge, it’s still nice to see when to start powering up the bank again.

    As for the list, It’s really hard to top the Round Stress Reliever and the Cinch Up Backpacks since they are great in price and just look great with almost everything! Especially if you combo the two, I guarantee instant brand success! Great post team and I can’t wait to see what February has to offer!! 😀

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