10 Most Popular Promotional Products of July 2014

Man, this summer is flying by! You’ve only got one more month to run all of those summer promotions before everyone returns to school and work from summer vacation! Must be nice to get a vacation…I’m here slaving away on these lists of the most popular promotional products all year long. What’s a stress ball gotta do to get a break?

ANYWHO, with summer winding down, we saw some of our popular summer items get knocked off the top 10 list already in favor of more back-to-school items. Check out the list for yourself below to see which promo items were the most popular in July!

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This month the top 4 products were locked in at the same positions as June. The Cinch Up Drawstring Backpack, Round Stress Reliever, Collapsible Koozie Can Cooler, and Medium Eco-Frienldy Non Woven Tote Bag are putting up a fight and making it very hard for any other products to enter the top 4.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of the summer items that have been frequenting the list the past couple of months like the Custom Flyer and Custom Frisbees have been kicked off the list this month in favor of more back-to-school items. In July we saw our Custom Pencils jump back on the list and all the way up to the #5 spot!

Not all of our summer items have been kicked off the list though. Our Rubberized Sunglasses are still holding their own in the #6 slot on the list. The Non Woven Cinch Up Back Pack jumped up from #10 last month to #7 on the list this month. On the flipside, the Small Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag fell a couple of spots from #6 to #8.

Rounding out the list we have the Red Solo Cup Style Promotional Cup replacing the Mood Stadium Cup in the #9 slot and Adhesive Sticky Note Pads taking the last place on the list!

As we all know, this year keeps on flying by, so we’ve got no time to rest on our laurels! We have to keep on looking ahead at all of the great things to come. I’m sure you already know what I’m getting at…

Buckle up! It’s time for QLP’s monthly trend alert!
Everyone, I’d like you to meet my new friends the Robo Powerbank, Pen and Mini Pot, and Cookie Dipr!


Image Map

Image Map

Look at that little Robo Powerbank go! Not only is it an extremely useful promo item boasting a USB, Micro USB, 5 pin, 30 pin, and USB female to charge any and all portable devices, it looks cute as heck while doing it! These little dudes are dying to spread the word about your brand at your next tech conference.

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t know that the Pen and Mini Pot is a “trend” per se, but we are always adding new, fun pen shapes to our catalog and these are so cute I couldn’t resist! These would make great giveaway items for your garden club or for students heading back to school!

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Cookie Dipr. Humans, I know I just had my birthday, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents for your pal Bubba! I love cookies, and this handy promo item looks like it would make it easier for me to enjoy my cookies dipped in milk without drowning!

In the words of a very popular cartoon pig who is probably trademarked, “That’s all, folks!” Wanna get your hands on one of these bestselling items or trending products? You can reach one of our friendly Quality Logo Products representatives by phone (866-312-5646), by email (, via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

What do you think? Did your favorite promo items make the top 10 list this month? Do you have any suggestions for next month’s trend alerts? Sound off in the comments below! 

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  1. Jaimie

    I am so glad to see those Promotional Party Cups made it on there! They are so cool! They have the look of a solo cup, but are much more sturdy!

    With the big assortment of colors, you could have a rocking party with these. Flippy cup just got that much more interesting! 🙂

  2. Cahse

    As always a killer blog! The cookie dipr is my new best friend. I am going to order that item for myself! I cannot wait!! Chips ‘ahoy here I come! I also might get the Stadium Cup to go with it 🙂 Thank you for yet another awesome blog! You guys just keep killing it!

  3. Mike Wenger

    A cookie dipper?!?! I mean, yeah, sure! SO, we can’t blame the fork anymore for our overindulgence, we can now blame this dipper tool. Nice.. I was beginning to think we were hating on the fork a little TOO much.

    I am kinda surprised not to see pull a commanding lead this month… but there is always next month.

  4. AG

    All I gotta say is that it’s time to bring out the Double-Stuffed Oreos with that Cookie Dipr! I think all the Trend Alerts get more and more awesome each month so these three items are a great addition to our family! 😀 But I would be surprised if any of those items in the top 4 drop down this month! Great post!!! Blog is dope as always! 🙂

  5. Leo Avila

    Cinch bags are hot at all times. You can put all your goodies in one bag to show to the world. Well done Cinch Up Backpacks keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. David

    This top list is great. Such great value for your advertising dollars. Sunglasses, bags, koozies and cups are all solid items for the summer season. Concerts, 5k/10k/etc. runs, county and state fairs, parades and renaissance fairs are just a few events that are perfect for this top ten.

  7. Chuck Sullivan

    Back to school is here! FINALLY (says every parent ever) It makes total sense that custom pencils are high on the list. Stop on by the website and pick up some pencils to hand out to your customers and help every parent out with the school supplies list!

    On a side note, I am ordering a cookie dipr for myself right now! That thing is NWICE!

  8. Erik Steinbrecher

    Charging devices are the latest and greatest trending items in this industry. You appeal to tech people, which Kurt and Joe found out is the hottest trend at the ASI show; and this little dude works on virtually any device. Did you notice the huge imprint area for your logo as well? Oh yeah… looks good doesn’t it? Flower pot pens and cookie dippers have some cool novelty appeal for the unique marketing campaign, but I say charging devices are a slam dunk all day. They’re Top 10 in my book.

  9. Greg

    Great blog! Party cups, back packs, and Koozies oh my!! All ten items are flying off the shelves!!

  10. Rondell Caraos

    It is nice to see the Red Solo Party Cup on there! It really is a cool product and my wife fight over the one we have in our household! We use it all the time! You could even get a lid for it to keep your drink safe from spilling!!!

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