April showers bring May flowers, they say. Actually, here in the Chicago area, what they say usually sounds more like, “April snowstorms bring the May highway construction season,” along with a few other angry-sounding words I can’t always quite catch. Altogether, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

You know what else April brings, though? That’s right – another edition of QLP’s 10 most popular promotional products! Was the Round Stress Reliever able to continue its reign at the top after three straight months? Or did another product “spring” up to take 1st place?

It’s time to find out! Here are QLP’s 10 bestselling promotional products for April 2016:

Top 10 Promotional Products April 2016

Sorry that you have listen to me cheering for the Round Stress Reliever again, but – YEAH! THAT’S MY STRESS BALL! Considering that I’m made of polyurethane myself, I figure it’s kind of like cheering for the home team.

Below that, you’ve got the same items in spots 2 through 5 that you had last month, just with a little shuffling around. Around this time last year was when we started to see our Rubberized Sunglasses totally spike in popularity. Are we in for a repeat performance in 2016? That 2nd place finish points to yes!

The Mood Stadium Cup, Krypton Pen, and Brain Stress Reliever are also holdovers from March. In April, though, we saw QLP’s Promotional Lip Balm and Custom Pencils fall off the list in favor of two items we haven’t seen in the top 10 for a while: the Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle in 9th place, and the Budget Kooler Bag in the 10th place spot. Looks to me like people are getting ready to get outside!

And that makes it a totally fitting time to turn to the second part of this post…

The QLP Monthly Trend Alert!

Finally! The weather is warmer, and people can stop telling me my outfit isn’t seasonally appropriate. I hope plenty of QLP customers get the chance to dash outside and enjoy it while it lasts, even if you do need more gear than I usually do when I step out for a run. In fact, this month’s Trend Alert features three pieces of gear that are perfect for people who love running or exercising outside: the Very Kool Cooling Towel, the Brise Retractable Mini Fan, and the Hydra Fitness Belt.

Trend Alert Items April 2016

Is there anything cooler than spelling a word with a “K” in place of a “C”? Before I saw the Very Kool Cooling Towel, I totally would have said, “No way!” (and I would’ve said it in my best 1980s surfer dude voice, too). But this towel is truly a wonder. It’s made of material that feels light and dry even when it’s soaked, so runners (or construction workers or gardeners) can enjoy all the cooling power of a wet towel without all the weight. Radical!

Of course, sometimes you have to stop what you’re doing and take a break, catch your breath, eat some pizza, you know – whatever you do to recuperate. The Brise Retractable Mini Fan offers a big burst of refreshment in an itty bitty package. This portable fan has two small fan blades that can be tucked away, along with a 12-inch lanyard with a breakaway clip. It’s a convenient promotional giveaway that makes cooling down on a hot day a – wait for it – a thoroughly pleasant experience. Because it’s a breeze.

Maybe your customers don’t want to carry their battery-powered fans around on their necks, though. No problem! They can always store them inside the Hydra Fitness Belt. This adjustable nylon sports belt has not only a zippered pocket for carrying personal items but also a water bottle sleeve that can hold a bottle up to 28 ounces in size. It’s a belt that will have your customers shouting “Hail Hydra!” all summer long. Wait, what do you mean that’s what the bad guys say?

If you’re ready to get your promotional plan into shape with our Trend Alert items, or if you’re feeling pumped about any of our Top 10 products, you can contact our Quality Logo Products® sales representatives by phone (866-312-5646), by email (info@qualitylogoproducts.com), via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below.

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