10 Promo Items for College A Cappella Groups

If you’ve seen the movie Pitch Perfect, then you’ve seen how they portrayed the intensity of collegiate a cappella. Here’s the thing: they weren’t exaggerating. Colleges and universities across the nation have some pretty awesome a cappella groups, and right now a cappella season is in full swing.

The Varsity Vocals International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) is a national tournament that runs from January to April. Besides the stellar performances, most groups sell branded swag like T-shirts and CDs in order to promote themselves. Since regional competitions kick off this week, it’s only fitting that we offer these amazingly talented students some tips for how they can take their a cappella group’s promotion to the next level. And of course, I couldn’t write this post without featuring some of these talented groups, so check out the cool products and videos below!

musical note stress ballMusical Note Stress Ball: Since music is the name of the game here, these students can build support for their golden talents with these stress balls shaped like music notes. The gold finish on these unique squeezies is guaranteed to make any a cappella group stand out in the crowd. A lot of these groups will get support from their fellow students, so these giveaways will be a huge hit during final exams.

Aluminum bottle openerAluminum Bottle/Can Opener: This is collegiate a cappella, after all. What better way for these a cappella groups to promote to their college-aged crowd than with some imprinted bottle openers? These ones come in a variety of colors so that any group can find one to match their school’s colors!

Translucent MaracasTranslucent Maracas: If your a cappella group is looking for a fun giveaway item to make you stand out among all of the T-shirts and buttons, then these are definitely for you. Show how much fun a cappella is and build team and school spirit with these fun, colorful instruments!

musical paper easel framesMusical Paper Easel Frames: Any a cappella concert or tournament is a special event for the performers and fans, whether away or at home on campus. These paper frames with your a cappella group’s name on them are the perfect way for your fans and family to display special memories from your performance.

concert hand mitt16” Concert Hand Mitt: “Metal” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a cappella, but trust me, a cappella fans don’t take these competitions lightly. If an a cappella group’s fans are traveling far and wide to support them at tournaments, they can rock out and show their support in the crowd with these fun foam fingers.

transparent vinyl cd holderTransparent Vinyl CD Holder: All a cappella fans need a place to keep all of their Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) albums and all of your group’s CDs. These CD holders come in variety of colors so that any a cappella group can show their school spirit.

musical note stress relieverMusical Note Stress Reliever: These might look familiar. Sure, they’re similar to the musical note stress balls I mentioned earlier, but these have a bit of a different shape and they come in black. These are a little less flashy, a little more traditional, but just as bold!

sporty ear bud pouchSporty Ear Bud Pouch: Any fan of a cappella is probably a fan of music in general. So when your fellow college students are walking around on campus listening to their favorite tunes (your album, obviously!) they can show their favorite campus a cappella group some love with these headphones that come in a handy imprinted carrying case.

musical note flexible magnetMusical Note Flexible Magnet: These musical-themed magnets make great giveaways for college students or all the parents who come out to show their support. Students can use them to attach take-out menus to the fridge in their dorms, while older audiences can use them to put all of their student’s good grades on the fridge at home!

large cow bellLarge Cow Bell: You know what they say… there’s no such thing as too much cowbell – even in a cappella! Okay, well technically there’s no cowbell allowed in an a cappella group, but these musical instruments are a very fun way to build excitement with your fans.

As you can see, these college a cappella groups are extremely talented. Oh, and here at Quality Logo Products we have a whole bunch of musical-themed products any musical group or artist can use to promote their brand!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite a cappella group? Can you think of any other promo items these groups could use? Sound off in the comment section below!

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