10 Promo Products for Crafty Folks: Crafters, Start Your Sewing Machines!

Never before has crafting been so popular. Women, men, adults, and children of all ages love to craft! Whether with paints and canvas, pencil and paper, thread and fabric, or wood and nails, everyone is creating new works of art.

From websites like Pinterest or Man Made DIY that spark creativity to TLC’s Craft Wars, there’s no denying that crafting is all the rage these days. While it’s true that many people ain’t got time for dat, your brand can appeal to smart shoppers and creative crafters with these artsy-fartsy promo items:


If you own a craft supply store or teach an art class, there’s never been a better time to promote your brand with promo items. Simple items like the Bic Mark-It Permanent Marker or the Prang Color Pencil 5 Pack are must-haves for any crafter.

Whether crafters are painting or throwing clay pots on a pottery wheel they’ll love the Classic Apron to keep their clothes from getting messy. For artists or DIYers who don’t plan on getting elbow-deep in messy art materials, the Carpenter Waist Apron is still convenient for carrying supplies like pencils, tape measures, or pins and needles around their work station.

Speaking of pins and needles, if your customers are more at home behind a sewing machine, then they’ll really appreciate the Travel Sewing Kit with Mini Scissors. These convenient kits are great for promoting a sewing class or quilting club, but they’re also a must-have for any crafter on the go.

The Grocery Tote isn’t only perfect for lugging craft supplies from home to the studio and back again, it can also be used for a craft project itself! With a little fabric paint, stitching, or maybe even Washi tape, this tote bag can easily be transformed to reflect any artist’s style.

We also have a variety of cutesy desktop items and accessories that artist’s will love to keep front and center at their work stations. For many people crafting is a stress reliever in itself, but when a big project gets stressful any crafter can calm down with the Paint Brush Stress Toy. Whether they prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, artists will love sipping their favorite hot beverage from our adorable Snap-In Craft Mug. The last item on this list is an adorably artsy item, but it’s also useful for anyone who crafts with pencils: the Pencil Shaped Sharpener!

As you can see, we’ve got plenty of items on our site to keep those crafters crafting. From art supplies to art-themed mugs, your crafty customers will be in heaven with any of these items!

Are you a crafter? Which of these promotional products would you like to receive? Can you think of any other giveaways for crafters? Sound off below! 

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