10 Promo Products that are Having a Bad Hair Day

We’ve all had one (or 1,000) of those days: no matter how long you brush, no matter how much product you use, your hair is just not havin’ it. Well, promotional products have been there, too. These products are cursed with wild hair that just won’t quit.

At least you know that if you have a bad hair day, the next day could be different. For these products, every day is a bad hair day! Check out how 10 of our products deal with their bad hair lives. Some handle it better than others!


You can try to tell the Cool Crew Pen that he needs a comb until you’re blue in the face, but he just ain’t listenin’. This wild ‘do is all part of his super cool image. Hey, it takes a lot of work to look this cool.


These little guys are a little more sensitive about their untamed locks. But if you ask us, the Smilin’ Eye Poppin’ Pals’ crazy hair combined with their big eyes and wide smile makes them even more adorable. No need to be self-conscious, guys!


The Cute Crew Highlighters totally own their wild hair. They know that even though they’ve got mad scientist hair, they’ve got irresistibly cute faces. Plus, they’ve got some like-minded friends in their crew – the Cute Crew Pens!


Unlike some of the other products on this list, the Stressed Out Bend-A-Pens are a little bit more distraught about their hair woes. They’ve tried every brush and comb in our catalog, and not a single one helped them straighten out their wild manes!


These lovebirds know their hair is whack, but they don’t care because they have each other. Who cares if their hair looks like the bride of Frankenstein or Marge from The Simpsons? The T-Flamingo Spring Pens got love, baby, and that’s all they need!


This smilin’ dude can’t be bothered with a bad hair day every now and then. The Smilin’ Mood Stress Dude’s got a positive attitude that can’t be broken and his thumbs are always in the upright position!


We’ve been trying for weeks to get this little guy to face the world, but he’s just too embarrassed to even pick himself off the ground. Even though the Squishy Sprout is cute and squishy, he just doesn’t have the confidence to own his ‘do.


Uh-oh. The Stressed out Mood Dude has been stuck with this crazy hair for years, and he’s at his wit’s end because of it! Just once he’d like to have cool hair like James Dean or Elvis, but no such luck for him.


Hey, at least this guy is willing to admit that his hair could use a little work. But the Troll Stress Ball isn’t going to let one measly bad hair day get him down! It’s gonna take more than a strong gust of wind to wipe the smile off his face.


These guys know they’re having a bad hair day, but ah, such is life. The Wild Smilez Pens know that their best bet is to stick together. Maybe the wild hair will catch on and they’ll be trendsetters? Who knows.

Whenever you’re having a bad hair day, just remember these products feel your pain. Even though some of them struggle with their wild hair, let’s face it – they’re all pretty dang cute! Any of these items would make fun giveaways at your upcoming trade show or event.

Do you relate to any of these promotional products? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Wash

    The “stressed out mood dude” — that’s me.

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    Oh man, I just love the Smilin’ Mood Stress Dude! He’s just so cute. But when it comes to how I feel on a bad hair day, I’m definitely on par with Squishy Sprout. That guy just gets me.

  3. Amanda Harrington

    I like this! And coincidentally my hair dryer broke yesterday morning while getting for work so I was really HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY! LOL!

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