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10 Sweet Promo Items for Your Ice Cream Social

Spring is in full swing, and that means summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s high time for an ice cream social! Ice cream socials are a great morale booster for your employees, a fun event to host for your customers, and just…c’mon. Do I seriously need to give you more reasons to have an ice cream social? Everyone loves ice cream!

We have all of the promotional items you need to guarantee a successful ice cream social. Customers will be screaming for ice cream and your brand when you’ve got these sweet promo items:


You can’t have an ice cream social without a proper ice cream scoop, so look no further than the Double Dip Ice Cream Scoop! Its white handles make your logo highly visible and the brightly colored scoop can match your brand’s colors and add to the fun of the event.

You’re going to need something to serve all that ice cream in, so go with the Baseball Helmet Ice Cream Bowl (8 Oz.) for a bowl that’s more fun than a plain paper or Styrofoam one. Plus, since those bowls are reusable, your customers can take them home to use long after your event is over. The last key element for your ice cream social is napkins. On a hot, sunny day ice cream gets all melted (but no less delicious!), so napkins like the White Dinner Napkins will help keep your customers’ hands from getting sticky.

You’re going to want guests to remember your event and brand long after the ice cream social is over, right? That means in addition to supplies you’re going to need some imprinted memorabilia! The Ice Cream Cone Stress Reliever is a great item to give your sweet-toothed customers. Or you can keep your brand within eyeshot every time your customers go to the fridge or filing cabinet with the Ice Cream Cone Magnet. You can even keep your brand in your customer’s hands everywhere they go with the Ice Cream Cone Keychain Stress Toy.

If the Double Dip Ice Cream Scoop isn’t quite what you had in mind, never fear! We’ve got a wide variety of ice cream scoops in different colors and materials. The Double Dip Ice Cream Scoop is pretty middle-of-the-road as far as price goes, but depending on your price range, you can get scoopers at a higher or lower price. For a cheaper option there is the Top This Ice Cream Scoop, which comes in a broad range of bright colors.

The Ice Cream Scoop-It is another mid-priced scooper, but offers more color options than the Double Dip Ice Cream Scoop and also features a push lever for easier release of ice cream. On the more expensive end, we’ve got the Translucent Ice Cream Scoop and the Metal Ice Cream Scoop. Both have metal scoops, but different handles – one is translucent and one is opaque.

Ice cream socials are great for pretty much any target demographic, and they’re an awesome way to bring people together around your brand. And as you can see, no matter your budget we’ve got everything you need to make your sweet ice cream social a success!

Which of these items do you need for your ice cream social? Are there any other items you think are missing from this list? Scream for ice cream in the comments below!

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  1. Mandy Kilinskis

    What a gorgeous graphic, Jenna! It makes me want to go run out and get some ice cream. I think that ice cream scoops are great giveaways – I know that I could use one!

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